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Why you need social media ads

Paid social advertising is marketing at its most versatile. You already know that social media is an important avenue for communicating your brand story. With social media ads, you can reach brand new customers with tailored messages. Better yet, you can amplify the ROI of your other digital campaigns.

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Grow faster with expert social media services

Creating an effective social media advertising presence requires a thorough understanding of your customer. A social media advertising agency uses data to analyse your paid campaigns to focus on what performs well for your brand. By marrying creative messaging with data-driven insights, you can outperform your competitors. That’s what EngineRoom is - a platform for your success.

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How we strategise top performing social media advertising campaigns

Driving engagement with specialist social media advertising services in Australia

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook (and by extension, Instagram) presents huge growth opportunity through social media advertising. Using text, images, video, and engaging call-to-actions, your business can reach a wide variety of demographics. It’s all about finding the right people at the right time.

EngineRoom is fully integrated with Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms, allowing full visibility over campaign performance.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn can be an invaluable platform for business-to-business advertising. With the help of a LinkedIn advertising strategy, you can generate leads and grow your business profile in tandem.

LinkedIn advertising can also be tracked via the EngineRoom platform, which allows managers to actively respond to campaign data.

Campaign management

Campaign management

A successful, growth-driven social media ad campaign comes from proper social media campaign management. A dedicated social media advertising expert will deliver more accurate targeting, better content, more engaging promotions, and contant A/B testing - whatever it takes to give you the best return on your investment.

Campaign management can be supercharged through the EngineRoom platform, where managers and business owners can access campaign data.

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How EngineRoom drives better ROI through social media campaigns

Digital strategy

Our social media ad services can form part of a holistic digital marketing strategy that accelerates your business’ growth.

Competitive benchmarking

We develop social media paid strategies that outperform those of your competitors to keep you in first place.

Advisory partnership

You will work directly with digital advisors and other domain experts to find new avenues of growth for your business.

Clear attribution

Through EngineRoom, we attribute every dollar spent in social media advertising to a business goal, giving defined ROI.

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Let’s create better ROI. Work with us to develop social media ad advertising powered by data.

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Integrating business data for smarter, faster decisions

Social media advertising relies on constant flexibility. Our platform integrates up-to-date sales and marketing data from a variety of sources to ensure that you can make agile decisions as a business owner. Take command over your ROI from a foundation of accurate data.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Configure and connect your website to collect data that matters most.
Track, record and listen to phone call leads to improve sales performance.
Measure and act on organic search metrics and results to optimise performance.
Google Ads
Google Ads
Understand what keywords and campaigns are driving sales to improve ROI.
Measure and optimise Facebook conversions that result in leads or transactions.
Measure and optimise LinkedIn campaigns and conversions that yield the best results.
Optimise your sales funnel with visibility over lead to sale timeframe, lead value and close rate.
Optimise your sales funnel and understand which leads result in sales.
Connect your sales to understand which channels and campaigns yield the best ROI.
Connect your sales to understand which channels and campaigns yield the best ROI.
Upload your sales to understand which channels and campaigns yield the best ROI.
Reach your customers and request reviews wherever they are with text messaging.

Partner with a social media advertising company to grow your business

Social media ads in Australia is an extremely competitive space to commit your ad spend. As a full service Australian social media advertising agency, we can help you beat your competitors and achieve your business goals by sustaining long-term growth. It starts with our team of local social media advertising experts.

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Frequently asked questions

What is social media advertising?

Social media advertising is a type of digital marketing that uses social media platforms to promote a product or service. Businesses can create ads that appear on users’ social media feed, in the form of a sponsored post or promoted Tweet. Social media advertising allows businesses to reach a larger audience than they would through traditional means, and can be customised to target specific demographics.

Forms of social advertising include a paid social media campaign through Facebook advertising, Instagram ads, Twitter advertising, Google Ads, YouTube advertising, and other various social media platforms.

Is organic social media marketing worth it?

Organic social media contant can still be effective on many of the various social media platforms. However, if you’re looking at creating brand awareness, a winning social media strategy should amplify good organic content via an advertising strategy and other marketing efforts.

How does social media help in digital marketing?

When used effectively, social media advertising can be a progressive way to grow your business. It can:

  • Help you reach new customers - billions of people use social media. With EngineRoom, you can find the right people in the right place.
  • Build brand awareness - social media marketing uses your existing assets to build recognisable campaigns that highlight the best features of your brand.
  • Drive sales and leads - with more awareness and engagement come more leads and sales.
  • Generate word-of-mouth - by reaching new audiences, you can amass a steady following that can lead to more organic sales.
  • Increase web traffic - driving customers to your product and service pages will increase how many monthly visitors you receive.
  • Improve SEO - social media advertising can increase traffic to landing pages and increase your domain authority, improving how you rank in search engines.

As well as all of the above points, social media marketing is an important tool in establishing brand authority in your industry. It shows your customers that you are savvy, aware, and competitive. It also allows you to engage directly with those customers on a very personal level.

What are some common mistakes businesses make with social media advertising?

Social media advertising is not a set-and-forget solution. A successful social campaign requires monitoring and management to continue delivering the best return on investment. Here are some common mistakes businesses make when starting a social media advertising campaign:

1. Not defining a target audience

Without a clear understanding of who you are trying to reach, it will be difficult to create effective ads that resonate with your audience. When defining your target audience, consider factors such as age, gender, interests, and location.

2. Not creating engaging content

Your ad should be attention-grabbing and relevant to your target audience. It should also include a call-to-action that encourages users to take the desired action, such as clicking through to your website or making a purchase.

3. Not optimising ads

Ads need to be optimised towards achieving the ultimate goal of the campaign, like an increase in clicks or conversions. When creating your ad, be sure to include relevant keywords and a strong call-to-action. You should also test different versions of your ad to see what works best.

4. Not tracking results

It’s important to track your metrics so you can see how your ads are performing and make necessary changes. Common metrics to track include click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per acquisition.

If you are inexperienced in managing social media marketing campaigns, then you need the help of a social media marketing agency to get the best results. Powered by the EngineRoom platform, our team can identify the best strategies for growth.

How do I get started in social media marketing?

The first step is to create social media accounts on the platforms that are most relevant to your business. Once you have set up your profiles, you can start creating content and engaging with your target audience. As you build up a following, you can start running social media ads to reach even more people. Remember to track your results so you can see what’s working and adjust your strategy accordingly.

As always, an effective strategy will largely depend on the social media platforms you are using. A good social media marketing strategy will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve better results and greater lead generation.

Do I need a social media marketing agency?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some businesses benefit from working with an agency, while others prefer to handle their social media marketing in-house. Social media marketing platforms make it easy for businesses with a cursory understanding of this method to get started. With the platforms come an array of useful data and tools to help generate the best return on investment.

This is where a social media marketing agency comes in. Experts in the field can help you wade through the waters of content and data to produce the best possible campaigns.

How much does social media marketing cost?

As with this question applied to other facets of digital marketing, social media marketing costs are directly related to how much you want to grow. When engaging a full service social media marketing agency like EngineRoom, you can expect services like campaign strategy, social media management, data analysis, and content creation.

When you work with EngineRoom, you can rest assured that every single dollar you spend on social media is doing the absolute most it can. We optimise our campaigns to giving you the best return on your investment.

Paid social media available all over Australia

Local paid social ads are imperative to beating your local competition. That’s why the EngineRoom team offers paid social media campaigns all over Australia. We work with businesses in every state and territory to achieve and maintain their status as a top social media ad performer in their local area.