Set your business up for explosive growth with tailored digital marketing for dentists

With our digital marketing expertise for dental practices, we can help you increase brand awareness, drive more qualified leads, and ultimately get more patients. Our personalised strategies include social media management, Google advertising, and dental SEO services to ensure your business reaches the right audience and builds authority, trust, and loyalty.

Goal-oriented dental marketing solutions from industry experts

At EngineRoom, we pride ourselves on being able to help small and medium-sized businesses grow over the long term. Our years of experience working with similar industries have enabled us to develop a results-driven blueprint that we can adapt to suit your unique needs and growth goals, now and in the future. 

Transformational growth

We’ll determine what's effective, what's lacking, and what needs improvement in your business, before developing a data-backed growth plan based on these insights.

Track what matters

EngineRoom's in-built data management system allows you to connect business outcomes to marketing results for precise metric tracking.

Keep acquisition costs low

By focusing on the most effective marketing channels, we can help lower your patient acquisition costs while maintaining a positive ROI.

Dental marketing experts

We have a successful track record of executing digital strategies for similar businesses in the industry, helping them surpass their client and revenue goals.

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Understanding leads to better inform one business’ digital transformation


MACG provides a safe space for the Victorian senior community through their range of care services. The team wanted to implement digital strategies and find their best lead-converting channels to better understand how users interact with their services. We set up tracking in EngineRoom to give MACG clear visibility over every lead source, upgraded their website and launched a local SEO strategy to increase conversions. Since then, MACG has seen a huge uplift in leads and have been able to efficiently expand their business.

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171% increase in SEO conversions

Over the course of our partnership with MACG, we revamped their website and increased website conversion rates by over 30%, resulting in further expansion for the business. MACG continues to invest in their website through new page enhancements and improvements, with customer experience at the forefront of their strategy.

Glen Allpress, Senior Digital Advisor for MACG

How we help businesses in the dental industry reach their aspirational targets

Dedicated senior advisor

You’ll be allocated a digital advisor with experience building growth-driven digital strategies for similar industries.

Outcome-focused solutions

Effectively connect with your audience across a range of digital channels with our full-service dental clinic marketing solution.

In-depth reporting

Track your business and marketing metrics in the EngineRoom platform, from revenue and lead breakdowns to marketing spend and ROI.

Actionable data

With these data-backed insights in EngineRoom, we can make smarter investment decisions and divert marketing budget to the most profitable channels.

Proven track record

Our growth-driven digital marketing blueprint has a history of success within your industry, making it the perfect fit for your business.

Software credibility

Once EngineRoom was built, we challenged ourselves by investing in an unfamiliar business and using data to grow sales (which we did by 293%).

Convert challenges into opportunities which EngineRoom’s one-of-a-kind growth marketing platform

If there’s one thing that sets us apart in EngineRoom, it’s our ability to collect and interpret clean business data and use it to your revenue-building advantage. Sitting at the core of your strategy, the EngineRoom platform shines a light on what’s working so we can do more of it.

  • Visually assess campaign performance across all channels to see how your growth targets are tracking
  • See every interaction a lead has had with your dental practice, from initial engagement through to final conversion
  • Track every marketing dollar, with full transparency over your budget allocation and ROI

By harnessing our secret weapon, you can uncover key insights into your business data, which in turn can inform your future growth strategy.

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Spread the word about your dental services, from local search to national marketing

Whether you’re a small dental practice looking to increase exposure locally or an enterprise with multiple dental practices and a goal to expand, we’ve got the tools and techniques to make it happen. 

With skilled digital marketers located across Australia, we can help you dominate search engines, get more patients, and open more dental clinics, no matter where you’re based.

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

What is SEO for dentists?

SEO, short for search engine optimisation, is an online marketing strategy that helps your dental practice show up on the first page of search engine results and outrank your biggest competitors. The primary goal of dental SEO is to attract organic traffic to your website and ultimately increase the number of patients seeking dental services.

It often involves a number of moving parts, including keyword research, on-page optimisations (such an naturally inserting keywords into content), link building, content creation, technical SEO, and local SEO marketing. 

Local SEO for dentists with physical locations is crucial for generating local foot traffic and showing up in local search results when prospective patients are looking for dental services nearby. 

SEO services for dentists is an ongoing process that requires continuous efforts to stay ahead of competitors and adapt to changing search engine algorithms. A dental SEO agency or full-stack marketing agency like EngineRoom can help ensure your strategy is executed efficiently and maintained to keep those search engine rankings trending up.

Do dentists need digital marketing?

We would highly recommend digital marketing for dentists that want to grow their business and compete with other dental practices. There are a number of benefits of digital dental marketing, including:

  • More visibility - digital marketing techniques like dental SEO and Google Ads can help you rank higher in search engine results, making it easier for new patients to find you online
  • Effective targeting - digital marketing allows you to target specific demographics, locations, and interests, ensuring that your online marketing efforts reach the right audience
  • Improve engagement - social media marketing and email campaigns enable you to engage with current and potential patients, building relationships and fostering trust
  • Position yourself as a trusted authority - content marketing allows you to share valuable resources and dental care tips, positioning you as an expert in your field
  • More accessible - implementing an online appointment booking system simplifies the scheduling process for patients, making it more convenient and accessible
  • Reputation management - digital marketing helps you manage your online reputation by responding to reviews and addressing patient concerns promptly
  • Measurable results - with dental marketing analytics, you can track your campaign performance and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement
What is the best dentist website design?

The best dentist web design is one that is aesthetically pleasing, user-centric, informative, and focused on converting website visitors into new patients. Dental websites should consider having the following:

  • Fresh, modern, and professional design that cultivates trust and credibility
  • Logical navigation with a clear menu structure so visitors can easily find the information they need
  • Ability to make online bookings for quick and easy scheduling 
  • Comprehensive information about your services and treatments 
  • Positive patient testimonials and reviews to build trust and confidence in your services
  • Staff bios, including their qualifications and expertise to help dental patients feel more familiar and comfortable
  • Clear and strategically placed CTAs that prompt visitors to contact your dental practice, make a booking, or schedule a free consultation

A well-designed dental website should not only showcase your dental services but also reflect your commitment to patient care and dental excellence. Reach out to our web designers for more information about our SEO-friendly website services.

Do you offer social media management for dentists?

We definitely do offer social media for dentists. Our dedicated social media team can utilise the platforms where your potential patients are most active and use a mix of organic and paid marketing to boost engagement, improve awareness, and promote your services.

By incorporating paid social ads into your digital marketing strategy, you can broaden your reach while also setting clear targeting parameters to include as much of your ideal audience as possible. You can set an appropriate budget and monitor each campaign’s performance, with the ability to allocate more budget to well-performing ads.

Another benefit of paid ads is the ability to run retargeting campaigns to re-engage users who have previously interacted with your dental clinic website or social media accounts.

Get in touch with an EngineRoom social media specialist to discuss adding social media management to your digital marketing plan.

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What we discuss in your strategy session

Working directly with a digital advisor guarantees you better ROI. During the strategy session, you will get some insight into:

  • Your competitors' performance
  • Your historical performance
  • Future growth opportunities
  • How EngineRoom can grow your business

Ready to increase revenue?

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