Amp up your electrical business with a digital-oriented growth plan tailored to your goals

Our digital-based growth strategies for the electrical industry are designed to help you increase customer bookings, improve local brand awareness, and sustainably grow your electrical company. Our electrician marketing services leverage effective SEO strategies, Google Ads, social media management, and web development to ensure your business is easily found online and attracts new (and returning) customers.

Achieve your goals in revenue, customer, and business growth

EngineRoom’s team of digital growth specialists are here to help you set, achieve, and exceed your short-term targets and ambitious, long-term goals. Leveraging the power of data and digital channels, we can help you build a solid foundation for ongoing success, giving you the edge over your biggest competitors.

Accelerate business growth

Whether you want to get more customers, improve profitability, or expand your electrical services, our custom, goal-driven strategy will help you get there. 

Central KPI tracking

Measure every important metric, from leads and customer pathways to direct ROI from EngineRoom’s proprietary data management system. 

Transparent investments

We help generate a positive ROI by using EngineRoom to identify the best-performing and least profitable channels and adjust spend accordingly. 

Niche industry knowledge

Our digital advisors and wider team have helped similar industries in the electrical industry scale their business and drive continual revenue growth.

Our services

Developing powerful digital strategies that help clients achieve record-breaking leads


We provide small, medium-sized, and local businesses with the technology, expertise, and strategies they need to reach their growth goals. Policrete, for example, needed to increase sales in order to grow but were wasting too much of their marketing budget on poor strategies. During our initial consultation, we identified the gaps in Policrete’s previous strategy that explained why their ROI was so low, and then shared our data-based projections. Armed with these insights, Policrete engaged our services and soon saw the results they really wanted - an increase in monthly leads by over 250, a 46% decrease in Google Ads cost, and savings of over $98,000 a year in marketing costs compared to their previous strategy.

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387% increase in SEO leads and 400% conversion rate improvement

“In the past, agencies had never really understood our business and didn't deliver on all the hype. Rob and the team have transformed what I thought digital could deliver to grow my business. EngineRoom worked with me to identify which types of digital campaigns we needed to hit our goals. It's refreshing to know that we have a lead-generation plan and clear KPIs for it. EngineRoom's approach to digital marketing is one that I always hoped was out there but was never able to find.”

Marcos Shaw

Why electrical companies should choose EngineRoom as their digital growth partners

1-1 advisory

Work closely with a senior digital advisor who will dive into your business data, analyse competitors, and present a growth strategy that aligns with your goals.

Growth-fuelled solution

We live and breathe growth, which means our strategies do too. Benefit from a complete growth package designed by digital experts.

Analytics tracking

Extract reports that matter most to you from EngineRoom’s data management platform which keeps track of all of your key KPIs.

Cost-efficient solutions

With full visibility over your data, results, and ROI in EngineRoom, we can distribute budget accordingly and focus on the best-performing channels.

Proven track record

We’ve successfully executed digital strategies for similar businesses in your industry and can adapt our formula to suit your growth goals.

Digital partnerships

EngineRoom is a Google Accredited Partner in search, display, video and shopping, and a Semrush Top Ranked Partner.

Combine full-service digital expertise with our industry-leading data management platform

Getting the best ROI from digital growth marketing requires a firm understanding of your electrical business, your customers, and your competitors. With this data, we can create a much more insight-driven strategy that targets the right people in the right place at the right time. And we can access it all from the EngineRoom platform. 

  • View key business metrics and effectively forecast based on past data 
  • Analyse how much revenue you’re generating from each digital channel and easily identify the top performers
  • Dive into conversion pathways to see how your customers interact with your brand across their entire customer journey
  • Compare competitor website performance for trend-analysis 

Accelerate your business growth with EngineRoom today

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We offer digital growth marketing for electricians across Australia

The digital landscape is ever-changing, which is why data has become even more crucial in helping us understand customer journeys and motivations. With our ability to tap into this data from anywhere, we’re able to extend our services to electrical companies nationwide. Whether you want to boost exposure around your local electrical services or expand into a new region, we can help you set actionable goals and achieve them with a data-driven digital strategy.

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

What do your SEO services for electricians include?

Our electrician SEO (search engine optimisation) services help improve your online visibility and rankings to increase your website traffic and organically reach more customers. They include a number of methods that can be tailored to suit your strategy, such as a website audit and optimisation, keyword research, content creation, link building, and technical SEO.

An SEO strategy is often delivered as a long-term solution, and while this is true, there are plenty of short-term benefits you can get with SEO strategies too. Making relevant on-page optimsations can quickly position your business in a more authoritative light, prompting algorithms to start considering you as relevant in search results. 

What is local SEO for electricians?

​​Local SEO services for electricians aim to optimise the online presence of your electrical business within your local geographic area. It involves a set of techniques and practices designed to improve your website visibility or online listings in search engine results when potential customers search for electrician services in their specific location.

Key components of local SEO for electricians include:

  • Optimising your Google Business Profile to appear in local Google Maps and search results
  • Conducting keyword research and incorporating keywords and phrases in your website content that people are likely to use when searching for electrical companies in your area
  • Creating local content and posting on your website blog or news area, such as local electrical regulations and tips for residents in your service area.
  • Increasing reviews to boost your online reputation and increase trust among potential customers
  • Building high-quality, local backlinks to your website from other reputable local businesses or directories to enhance your website's authority
What is the best electrician website design?

The best website design for electrician businesses effectively communicates the services available, establishes trust with potential clients, and provides a positive user experience. Some key things to include are:

  • Clean and consistent branding that reflects your business identity
  • Well-structured pages and a clear navigation that helps users quickly find the information they’re searching for
  • Visible contact information across the website, as well as a user-friendly contact form
  • Relevant details of the electrical services you offer
  • Testimonials from happy customers to build trust and credibility
  • High-quality images and videos of completed electrical projects to showcase your work
  • Call-to-action buttons that prompt potential customers to make a booking or request a quote
  • An ‘About us’ page covering your history, values, and team members to further build trust
  • Specific suburb pages for those that service a larger area (this will also help increase your presence on local search results)

The web designers and developers at EngineRoom have years of experience building websites for companies in similar industries. Reach out to the team for more information. 

Does Google Ads work for electrical businesses?

Yes, Google Ads can be highly effective for electricians in a competitive space when implemented correctly. 

You can target your ads to specific geographic areas which is ideal for local electricians who primarily serve a local or regional customer base. You can also select relevant keywords related to electrical services, such as "electrician near me" or "emergency electrician," to ensure your ads appear when potential clients search for these terms.

Google Ads operates on a PPC model, meaning you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You also have control over your advertising budget and can set daily or monthly limits to help you manage your advertising expenses effectively.

You can track conversions (such as phone calls and form submissions) to measure the effectiveness of your ads and make data-driven adjustments. Google Ads also have remarketing capabilities, allowing you to target and re-engage with users who have previously visited your website. 

Remember that your competitors may already be using Google Ads, so by investing in a well-structured campaign, you can compete effectively and capture potential customers searching for electrical services.

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What we discuss in your strategy session

Working directly with a digital advisor guarantees you better ROI. During the strategy session, you will get some insight into:

  • Your competitors' performance
  • Your historical performance
  • Future growth opportunities
  • How EngineRoom can grow your business

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Speak to a digital advisor today to discuss how we can effectively grow your business through digital.

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