Build your dream business with a data-powered digital marketing strategy for builders

Our goal at EngineRoom is to deliver scalable digital marketing solutions to the home building industry that keeps revenue trending up while keeping your costs low. By tapping into your business data and using our industry-specific experience, we can build you a custom plan that grows alongside you and your home builder business.

Transform your home builders business into an industry leader with rock solid marketing that leaves a lasting impression

We’ve been in this gig long enough to know that digital marketing, when done right, produces concrete results. We also believe that in order to drive those results, you should work with a team that truly understands your industry; from the challenges you face, to the untapped opportunities. As home builder marketing specialists, you can trust us to get the results you want at the best possible price.

Scale your business

Our strategies are rooted in business intelligence, empowering you to make informed investment decisions that lead to long-term growth.

Track performance metrics

With EngineRoom's in-built platform, you can monitor and compare your KPIs, marketing results, and ROI from one central hub.

Cut down acquisition costs

By investing in the highest performing channels, we help you trim down acquisition costs while increasing customer conversions.

Industry experience

We’ve helped other home builders improve their brand awareness, increase their profitability, and get more customers.

Our services

How similar businesses have achieved progressive growth thanks to an industry-tailored online marketing plan

Supa Group Constructions

Supa Group specialise in home extensions and renovations across Melbourne. Their digital marketing goal was simple - generate more quality leads and understand the source of conversion. With guidance from Supa Group's digital advisor, an effective SEO and Google Ads strategy was launched, as well as a website redesign to maximise conversions. Integrating Supa Group’s CRM with EngineRoom gave the team a full overview of lead tracking, marketing spend and ROI. The results included an ROI growth of over 4,500%.

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50% revenue growth and reduced marketing spend by 20%

Supa Group Constructions have been using the services of EngineRoom for several years now. They have assisted us greatly with a clear strategy and systems that bring real and tangible benefits to the company. The strategy is backed up and consolidated with regular meetings that monitor our progress, and rational explanations regarding any recommended changes or enhancements are given. If you want a digital marketing company that excels in transparency and results, I would highly recommend them.

Neil Gardiner

Why the home building industry trust EngineRoom to execute their digital marketing strategies

Designated industry specialist

A digital advisor with home builder marketing experience will map out an action plan in EngineRoom to help you reach your growth goals.

Full-service strategy

Connect with your audience in all the right places with a custom digital marketing plan that focuses on your key engagement channels.

Real-time analytics

Accurately track ROI, campaign performance, conversion pathways and more from EngineRoom’s in-built data management platform.

Tactical investments

With real-time data at our fingertips, we can identify the channels producing the best leads and allocate more budget for maximum impact.

Growth-focused methodology

Drawing on our experience and results, we've designed an adaptable digital marketing formula that we can tailor to match your growth goals.

The EngineRoom Experiment

To showcase EngineRoom's efficacy and the power of digital marketing, we invested in a business, elevating revenue growth by an impressive 1,266%.

Experience rapid and future-oriented growth with EngineRoom’s progressive data management software

While marketing online is a key driver for getting new clients, it’s only an efficient long-term solution if you can fully understand what’s fuelling the conversions. That’s where the EngineRoom platform comes in. Our data-powered in-house software allows us to accurately:

  • Calculate lead, revenue, and customer projections based on your annual company targets and budget
  • Understand customer motivations and journeys on a deeper level with conversion funnel breakdowns
  • Analyse campaign performance data across every channel so we can scale the most profitable areas

EngineRoom can also integrate with your other sales and revenue-driving platforms, such as your CRM, to give you real-time lead insights and pipeline visibility. 

Accelerate your business growth with EngineRoom today

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Partner with EngineRoom from anywhere in the country

We understand the unique challenges facing businesses in the home building industry. With a custom digital strategy, we can help you alleviate those challenges, regardless of where your company is located.

Our highly talented team is spread across Australia, New Zealand, and beyond, ready to help you achieve your growth goals and become a trusted leader in the home building industry.

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best digital marketing strategy for builders?

The best digital marketing strategies for home builders involve a combination of paid and organic online marketing methods that collectively reach and engage with your target audience effectively. Some examples include:

  • Having a professional and optimised website that showcases past projects, client testimonials, services offered, and contact information, with clear calls-to-action to encourage enquiries
  • Implementing local SEO (such as using location-specific keywords across website content) to improve your presence on local searches
  • Running high-intent Google Ad campaigns that dominate the search results and help you convert more new clients 
  • Creating informative and engaging content, such as blog posts, articles, and videos, to position your company as experts in the home building industry and help attract new clients

Whether you’re running a specific digital marketing campaign or implementing organic strategies such as SEO, it’s essential to track each channel’s performance and adjust strategies based on the data collected.

What is SEO for builders?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of optimising your website and online presence to improve visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal of SEO is to attract more organic traffic from potential clients who are actively searching for home building services and information. It can include:

  • Integrating keyword research (words and phrases that potential customers are using to search for your services) into website content, headings, meta descriptions, and titles
  • Making sure the website's pages are well-structured and contain relevant content related to the targeted keywords
  • Ensuring that the website loads quickly on both desktop and mobile devices to provide a better user experience and positively impact search rankings
  • Building high-quality backlinks from reputable websites in the industry to improve your website authority and search rankings
  • Optimising technical aspects of the website, such as site architecture, URL structure, and sitemap, to ensure search engines can crawl and index the site efficiently
Do you do social media marketing for builders?

We certainly do. Our social gurus are experts in building scroll-stopping campaigns that resonate with your target audience and capture their attention in spaces where they are most active online. These platforms are a great place to connect with potential customers in the early stages of the buyer journey, as you can demonstrate your expertise and boost brand awareness, making a lasting impression for when they are ready to convert.

Socials are also ideal for remarketing campaigns, as you can re-engage audiences who have previously connected with your brand and inspire them to take those next steps. 

What is the best home builder website design?

The best home builder website designs contain all the key elements that drive a positive user journey and help you stand out in a competitive market. 

The overall design should be clean, simple, and professional to create a positive first impression. You should include high-quality images and videos to showcase completed projects and highlight your expertise. The navigation menu should also be clearly organised to help visitors easily find the information they’re looking for.

There should be testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients throughout the pages to build trust and credibility, as well as company USPs (unique selling points) that give you an edge over your competitors. Another way to cultivate trust is via the "About Us" page which personalises the brand and helps potential customers connect with your company.

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What we discuss in your strategy session

Working directly with a digital advisor guarantees you better ROI. During the strategy session, you will get some insight into:

  • Your competitors' performance
  • Your historical performance
  • Future growth opportunities
  • How EngineRoom can grow your business

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