Skyrocket your business with growth-focused digital marketing for mechanics

Position yourself as an industry leader with a tailored digital marketing plan that puts you ahead of your biggest competitors. Whether you’re a new business just starting up or an established mechanic with stores in multiple locations, we can create a flexible strategy that grows alongside you and your business. 

Marketing mechanics is an EngineRoom speciality

One thing that sets us apart at EngineRoom is our specialist industry experience helping other mechanics attract more customers and dominate the market. We have a proven track record of turning challenges into opportunities and helping mechanics thrive in the digital space. 

Data-backed strategies

We take a look under the hood and see what’s working, what’s not, and what’s missing, before compiling everything into a data-driven growth plan.

Measurable ROI

With access to EngineRoom’s dynamic software, you can link business outcomes with marketing outcomes to accurately track ROI. 

Optimised acquisition

We help reduce your acquisition costs by investing in the right online marketing channels that produce the best results.

Mechanic expertise

The EngineRoom team have successfully executed strategies for other mechanic businesses, helping them meet and exceed their customer and revenue targets.

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How EngineRoom has transformed similar businesses into digital leaders


Coming from a traditional marketing background, the Natrad team wanted to bolster the business’ online presence and unlock the power of digital marketing. We devised a winning strategy that greatly increased SEO leads after launching 300+ web pages, improved discoverability on Google search with an SEO-focused website restructure, and integrated with the EngineRoom platform so the team could maximise ROI.

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Increase in keyword breadth

"Can’t say enough about how Glen and the team have helped us over the last 5 years. Best move Natrad made when appointing them to manage our account in early 2017. Glen, Adam and the team have helped take Natrad to the next level and continue to help to make sure we are leading the digital space in our market."

Roy Laptedota

Why choose EngineRoom to develop and execute your digital marketing strategy

Dedicated digital advisory

You’ll be assigned a senior digital advisor who will get to know your business and devise a roadmap for future growth.

Full-service solution

Effectively reach your target audience across a diverse range of platforms with our complete digital services package.

Transparent results

Track your digital marketing ROI directly in EngineRoom, and compare key metrics including revenue, transactions, and spend.

Data-led strategies

Taking the time to analyse your data helps us stay ahead of the curve and invest in the channels that are driving the best results.

Ongoing success

We’ve refined our digital marketing blueprint, which has a proven track record of success across similar businesses in your industry.

Tried-and-tested software

After developing the EngineRoom platform, we put it to the ultimate test by investing in a business we knew nothing about and growing profitability by 2,512%.

Make better business decisions with EngineRoom’s in-house software

Online marketing is great for growing a business but in order to maintain growth, you need to understand and respond to what’s happening behind the scenes. That’s why we designed the EngineRoom platform, which enables us to:

  • Set clear benchmarks in-line with your goals and visually compare metrics to see how campaigns and revenue are tracking
  • Have full visibility over the marketing funnel with everything in one central place
  • Track every customer touchpoint to see exactly where your leads came from and double down on the channels that generate the best returns

Integrating EngineRoom with your other business and marketing tools puts us in a much better position to track ROI and use real-time data to inform our next moves.

Accelerate your business growth with EngineRoom today

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Build a strong online presence with EngineRoom, no matter where you’re based

As a remote-first company, we offer mechanic marketing services all over Australia. From small, independent shops to multi-state enterprises, we can build a strategy suited to your local or interstate business needs. 

We can collaborate with you virtually or in person depending on your schedule and where you’re based. Your designated digital advisor will also organise regular catch-ups so you can review your campaign performance, see how you're tracking, and discuss next steps.

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

How do you identify your target market as a mechanic?

When determining your target market, there are a number of factors to research, such as:

  • Location - are your customers generally local or do you service a wider area (for example, mechanics in an industrial zone or busy city may pull in customers that work nearby but live further away)
  • Services - the repairs or servicing you offer may help narrow down the type of customer you provide for
  • Personas - developing customer personas is a great way to merge all your research into definitive ‘types’ that represent your ideal customers 

The best way to determine your ideal audience is by going straight to the source - your data. Analysing current and past customers, buyer journeys, and marketing campaigns can all help towards understanding your target market. The EngineRoom platform can help you with this - reach out to the team to find out more.

How do you market a mobile mechanic business?

If you run a mobile mechanic business then it’s absolutely essential that you have a strong online presence as most of your audience will be actively searching for your services on the web. 

Key digital marketing tools you should consider are SEO, paid ads, and social media advertising. These will help your business gain visibility across multiple platforms and broaden your reach. SEO for mobile mechanics is particularly important as a long-term strategy as it will help you reach the first page on Google search results and outrank your competitors.

What is local SEO for mechanics?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is a powerful digital marketing strategy that improves your brand’s organic visibility and Google rankings. Local SEO campaigns are ideal for businesses with physical locations or that serve a specific area (such as mobile mechanics) as they help you rank higher in local Google search results. 

The following can help you show up on the first page of local search results:

  • Localised, relevant content 
  • Location-specific web pages (if you have multiple stores)
  • Title tags and meta descriptions that mention your location (known as on page SEO)
  • A solid link building strategy (known as off page SEO)
  • Correctly implemented keyword research suited to your local customers

Our SEO experts can help you build a local SEO strategy as part of your online marketing services.

What is the best mechanic website design?

There is a high chance that your website will be the first interaction a prospective customer has with your brand, which makes it crucial to get right. Website designs vary depending on the content management system, your industry and services, and agency developing your website, but there are some key things to always ensure:

  • Design needs to be user friendly and follow UX design principles
  • Keyword research needs to be carried out with focus keywords implemented across the site
  • Website should demonstrate social proof and authority with local reviews, team sections, and testimonials
  • Navigation and sitemap should be simple and easy to follow

Speak to an EngineRoom mechanic website design consultant to find out more about our website building and optimisation services.

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What we discuss in your strategy session

Working directly with a digital advisor guarantees you better ROI. During the strategy session, you will get some insight into:

  • Your competitors' performance
  • Your historical performance
  • Future growth opportunities
  • How EngineRoom can grow your business

Ready to increase revenue?

Speak to a digital advisor today to discuss how we can effectively grow your business through digital.

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