Experience powerful growth with a digital-first panel beating and auto body shop marketing plan

Unlock the power of digital marketing with a custom strategy tailored to your auto body shop. We have a proven track record of helping businesses in the auto repair industry gain traction in the digital space, which means we’re well-positioned to help you achieve your short and long-term growth goals.

Our successful auto repair shop digital marketing blueprint

Thanks to our auto shop clients, we know a thing or two about what drives the industry, as well as the opportunities available for growth. And while this knowledge gives us a head start, it isn’t a standalone road to success - that comes from data, which is something we also happen to know a lot about.

Growth fuelled by data

Our digital marketing strategies are built on real-time data and industry insights so you can make smarter and more informed investment decisions. 

Track digital marketing ROI

With EngineRoom’s data-powered software, you can visually compare revenue, ROI, investment, and more across all your channels. 

Invest in what works

With all your marketing and business data in one place, we can efficiently track results and invest in the highest-performing areas. 

Auto shop expertise

We’ve executed growth plans for other auto body shops, improving their online visibility and leveraging digital channels to reach new customers.

Our services

Auto repair marketing strategies that work

Sheen Panel Service

After relying on traditional advertising for many years, the Sheen team wanted to pivot to a more digitally-focused strategy so they could reach more customers online. We launched a refreshed website, built over 400 new web pages to boost brand authority and improve search ranking, and connected everything to the EngineRoom platform to better manage leads. Sheen’s digital transformation included an uplift in leads and better visibility with over 8,000 keywords now ranking on search engines thanks to a curated SEO strategy.

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New website pages

EngineRoom 'has taught us a significant amount over the past few years, particularly SEO, display marketing, and digital assets' importance. They don’t simply tell us what we need – they help us understand their recommendations and what we're paying for. This means we're making better decisions aligned with our market and industry.

James Black - Marketing Manager

Why auto repair shops trust EngineRoom to bring their marketing ideas to life

Dedicated advisor

An allocated digital advisor who specialises in marketing auto body shops will discuss your business goals and create a roadmap to achieve success.

Full digital solution

Connect with your target audience across a range of online channels through our all-inclusive suite of digital services.

Clear-cut outcomes

Monitor your marketing ROI and campaign results via EngineRoom by tracking key metrics and visually comparing the ones that matter to you.

Strategies guided by data

Our commitment to data analysis enables us to stay ahead of trends and invest in the most effective channels for driving the best outcomes.

Our established blueprint

Since fine-tuning our marketing strategy, we have achieved consistent success for similar businesses in the auto repair shop industry.

Personal experience

After building EngineRoom, we pushed its capabilities to the limit by investing in a wastewater business, resulting in a +2,000% increase in profitability.

Capitalise on data and insights to amplify the success of your auto repair shop

Sustaining business growth comes down to truly understanding your target customers and being able to analyse and adapt to both digital and industry trends. One of the most successful ways to do this is through data. That’s why we designed and continue to develop the EngineRoom platform.

  • Establish clear targets that align with your objectives
  • Visually monitor campaign progress and revenue performance across the entire marketing funnel
  • Trace every customer touchpoint to identify lead sources
  • Focus on channels that are producing the highest returns

By integrating EngineRoom with your existing business systems, we can more accurately track your ROI and leverage real-time insights to make strategic decisions.

Accelerate your business growth with EngineRoom today

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Sustain your growth with EngineRoom from anywhere in Australia

With teams located across the country, we can develop auto body marketing strategies for companies Australia-wide. Whether you want to retain existing customers, increase business profitability, or open a new body shop, we’ve got the skills, experience, and state-wide resources to help make it happen.

We offer flexible collaboration options, whether virtual or in-person, based on your availability and location. Your dedicated digital advisor will arrange regular check-ins to assess campaign performance, monitor progress, and strategise for future steps.

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

How do I market my panel beating business?

Establishing a strong online presence is vital for panel beaters or other auto repair shop businesses, as the majority of your target customers use the internet to find what they need.

To expand your reach, you should be leveraging key digital tools such as SEO, Google Ads, and social media marketing. This omnichannel approach will help boost your business visibility across a range of platforms. In particular, prioritising SEO for panel beaters is essential for long-term success. By implementing effective SEO strategies, you can secure a top spot on Google's first page of search results, outperforming your competitors and capturing more market share.

What is the target market of auto repair shops?

Target markets for auto body businesses differ depending on a number of factors. Research is key to understanding your audience and can involve looking at things like: 

  • Location - do you primarily service local customers or extend to a wider area? For example, you might be located in a place that’s convenient for people to drop off their vehicles on their way to work
  • Services - as well as a primary service you may also offer secondary services, such as towing, that might change who you target
  • Buyer personas - creating customer personas helps you identify the different profiles that make up your ideal customers 

When identifying your ideal audience, the best approach is to tap directly into your data. By analysing your existing customers, user touchpoints, and digital campaigns, you can gain valuable insights into understanding your target market. The EngineRoom platform can easily streamline this process for you - contact us to find out how.

What is SEO for panel beaters?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a robust marketing strategy that increases your panel beater business’ online visibility and improves your rankings on Google. 

To increase your chances of ranking higher, consider the following:

  • If you have multiple panel beating shops, create web pages for each individual store so you can rank for location-based keywords and reach more local customers 
  • Tap into content marketing and ensure what you share is valuable and relevant to your potential customers
  • Implement a link-building strategy
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews and add these to your website to increase social proof and trustworthiness 

Our team of experts can devise an effective SEO strategy as part of your full-service marketing plan.

What is the best auto body shop website design?

Your website often serves as the first point of contact for new customers, making it essential to get right. Designs can vary based on the website software you use, the type of services you offer, and the team creating the website. However, there are a few non-negotiables that your website design should account for:

  • A user-friendly layout with clear call-to-action buttons
  • SEO influences, such as naturally-inserted keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, and proper internal linking
  • Case studies and customer testimonials to boost your brand authority (something that Google looks out for when ranking)

EngineRoom can build you a new website or refresh your current one ensuring it is fully optimised for conversions. Book a strategy session to find out more about this service.

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What we discuss in your strategy session

Working directly with a digital advisor guarantees you better ROI. During the strategy session, you will get some insight into:

  • Your competitors' performance
  • Your historical performance
  • Future growth opportunities
  • How EngineRoom can grow your business

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