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Let's face some facts. SEO does take time. Ecommerce is ultra competitive in most industries and even across most niche offerings.Those that offer the best user experience from a search engine perspective are the ones that triumph. Sooner or later most ecommerce businesses identify low-end SEO ecommerce as a waste of time. We hear this all the time and it pulls on our collective heart strings. Right now, an experienced SEO expert is working with an exceptional writer to deliver this message to you. So please call us or write to us. We promise to keep it real, no-nonsense recommendations for next steps.
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Our ecommerce SEO process

We don't beat around the bush. We'll tell you what it costs, what input we need from you and we provide benchmark data as predictive outcomes, based on aggregated client data. It's reliable for most products and services across most industries. Our ecommerce SEO dataset is massive, it's 10+ years of real client data, it's relevant too, based on small to medium Aussie businesses just like yours.

EngineRoom's ecommerce SEO platform

Built with love over 10+ years the EngineRoom SEO platform is a unique interface with exclusive access for EngineRoom SEO clients, it is unique because we ensure data integrity everyday. We triple check that what you see in terms of leads and cost per lead (or cost per sale) is accurate.

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Let's talk ecommerce results

When it comes to results, we could talk about all the usual stuff, like a 10x ROI or a 500% increase, but in this case we'd rather share a highly valuable insight. And that is that EngineRoom clients work with us on average for more than 6 years. Just consider that for a moment, our clients don't move from agency to agency once they arrive at EngineRoom; so what does that tell you about results?

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Ecommerce integrations

Tailored to your SEO program, the EngineRoom platform connects with your favourite apps and the best part is... is just works. Again and again.

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Ecommerce SEO awards

We just keep winning these darn awards. Maybe it has something to do with our performance?

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BRW Fast 100 Award
BRW Fast 100
3x Winner
Smart Company Smart 50 Award
Smart Company
Smart 50
Telstra Australian Business Awards
Telstra Business Awards
State Finalist

EngineRoom Agency locations

Australia-wide support with teams in every state and territory, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. EngineRoom also have SEO teams in Darwin, Tasmania and Canberra.

Ecommerce SEO


Is ecommerce SEO more expensive than normal SEO?
Generally speaking, an ecommerce site has more pages than a service oriented site which in turn means more maintenance and more optimisation. However the good news is that it can be implemented systemically to save time and money.
Why is SEO on WooCommerce (Woo) so difficult?
Woocommerce (or Woo) is like an old dog with a few new tricks. Some SEO agencies and freelancers don't take full advantage of the systematic SEO structured data that is now available.
Why is SEO so difficult on Shopify?
Shopify is the Fort Knox of ecommerce sites and it makes SEO for ecomm' incredibly simple, yet restrained. Therein lies the issue, typically alleviated with a small set of SEO Shopify Apps.
Why is SEO so hard on Webflow sites?
Webflow actually makes SEO more efficient and better performing and in short, it makes it easier (eventually), the issue is that the leaning curve when compared to Shopify and Woo is steep.
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EngineRoom is a full service SEO agency

EngineRoom can hone in on a specific weak point of your existing SEO profile, we can address multiple deficiencies or we can do the works. You tell us.