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Technical SEO services

When it comes to technical SEO, we can do it all. That's the beauty of a high end SEO agency. We employ full-time specialists in each city across Australia. Technical SEO experts with more than 15 years in SEO, along with dedicated content and rich media SEO, meta data SEO, information architecture SEO and the list goes on.
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EngineRoom's technical SEO process

We start by waving a wand in the air (kidding). It's actually a highly systematic process, treated more like a known science (which it is) as opposed to some voodoo algorithm. The fact is that Google has documented best practice for technical SEO in detail. It's known to those that care to read it, which we have. So that is the process of elimination that we go through. We make sure it ticks all those 'Google SEO best practice' boxes.

A platform to keep track of technical SEO

EngineRoom is a unique SEO agency in that we have a unique client dashboard that has been built to show correlative analysis between our agency tasks and the results generated for our clients. It includes a technical SEO interface so clients can connect the dots between our work and subsequent leads.

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Results from technical SEO?

We have produced some outstanding results for most clients. And whilst we have made some small mistakes along the way we have most certainly learnt from them (after 10+ years of technical SEO). These days we do very well for all of our clients - and we welcome you to talk to them to hear the truth. Literarily any of them. We can give you a list and you can call any of them. In fact, our client retention rate is probably the best indicator of our SEO performance as a whole. Our clients stay with us year after year after year.

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EngineRoom can integrate with your existing systems

Beyond SEO agency services like technical SEO, EngineRoom also offer exclusive access for clients to the platform and to integrations such as Salesforce and Xero.

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Awards? Yeah we've won a few

Masters in our craft, we've won AFR awards, SEMrush awards, Best Place to Work awards and we're expecting a best looking agency award any day now.

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EngineRoom Agency locations

Australia-wide support with teams in every state and territory, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. EngineRoom also have SEO teams in Darwin, Tasmania and Canberra.

Technical SEO


Can social media play a role in supporting Technical SEO, and how can it be seamlessly integrated?
Social media isn't just for casual chatter; it's a power tool for Technical SEO. Share technical updates, highlight improvements, and leverage it as a communication hub for tech-related announcements. It's like having a dynamic tech bulletin board, where each post serves as an update on your site's technical prowess, keeping your digital community in the loop and engaged.
How can a website gear up its Google My Business (GMB) listing for technical triumph, considering the nuances of information architecture?
Optimizing a Google My Business (GMB) listing for Technical SEO is like orchestrating a meticulous system audit. Ensure business details are spot-on, implement structured data for business information, and align meta descriptions seamlessly with your information architecture. It's akin to providing a technical roadmap for search engines, guiding them flawlessly through your digital framework.
What's the scoop on Technical SEO, and how does it differ from regular SEO practices?
Technical SEO is the architectural genius of the digital realm – it's all about meticulously optimizing the technical foundations to make your website operate like a cutting-edge system. Instead of merely focusing on content, it delves deep into the intricacies of structured data, meta tags, internal link ratios, keyword density, and information architecture to enhance the efficiency of your site.
Why is structured data and meta tags, so essential for mastering Technical SEO?
Becoming a virtuoso in technical intricacies is akin to being a coding wizard for your website's engine. It involves implementing structured data for those eye-catching rich snippets, crafting meta tags that hit all the right notes, and maintaining that optimal internal link ratio. Envision it as refining your site's codebase to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. Search engines applaud this technical finesse, rewarding your site with heightened visibility and top-tier rankings.
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EngineRoom is a full service SEO agency

EngineRoom can hone in on a specific weak point of your existing SEO profile, we can address multiple deficiencies or we can do the works. You tell us.