2150% increase in organic leads in 7 months - only with EngineRoom

1800 Salvage

1800 Salvage

Utilising digital insights from EngineRoom to generate significant business growth

1800 Salvage is a motor vehicle dealer with a great reputation but little online presence to promote their services beyond word of mouth. They specialise in offering fast payment & removal for second-hand cars, motorcycles, vans and light trucks. 

After exhausting their existing network, 1800 Salvage was keen to discover the impact of a digital strategy to help grow the business. They partnered with EngineRoom in 2020, and after initial discussions, designs for a new website were developed. Its launch led to a significant increase in leads and revenue and the further creation of marketing strategies to build on this initial success.


Rise in total leads per month


Rise in SEO leads per month


Rise in domain authority
2150% increase in organic leads in 7 months

2150% increase in organic leads in 7 months


rise in new leads per month

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When I first approached EngineRoom, I was just trying to find a reputable company to build a user-friendly website for our company. What I ended up with was a collaborative partnership which restructured the way we do business entirely! EngineRoom has helped me give the company a great digital identity and strong, consistent growth to our web leads, which has improved all aspects of the business.

Josh Denys
1800 Salvage

The client

1800 Salvage started out as a small business buying salvage vehicles through an existing network. They knew their business had potential and wanted to unlock further business growth using digital strategies. The client engaged EngineRoom back in 2020, just before COVID hit. By working closely with the business in detailed strategy sessions, we developed a data-led strategy that included a new website build and a comprehensive marketing plan.

The challenge

1800 Salvage wanted to understand how they could generate leads through their website and grow their business outside their existing clients and networks. The first challenge was to gain clean data and set up efficient internal systems to manage leads and track performance. The key to their growth would be the guidance of our experienced senior digital advisors combined with insights from the EngineRoom platform that would effectively “unlock digital” for the client and open the doors to strong business growth.

The strategy

The first step was to build an online presence for 1800 Salvage. With strong competition in the market, we conducted considerable research before beginning work designing and developing the website. A detailed SEO strategy was created with in-depth keyword research, custom content creation and a bespoke link building program. Combined, these SEO activities lead to a much-improved domain authority score and stronger SERP results.

Once the website was up and running, we could start to glean insights into customer behaviour and track the performance of sales and marketing campaigns through the EngineRoom platform. Our highly integrative platform provides one true source for all marketing and sales activities and data, ensuring a far clearer picture of the business’s campaign performance, lead generation and marketing ROI.

We implemented a high-performing digital marketing & technology solution that yielded strong results:

  • Launched the brand online with a new website
  • Integrated lead tracking tools and MYOB  into the EngineRoom platform to obtain crucial marketing and business data
  • Worked with Pipedrive + Podium partners to ensure 1800 Salvage had an industry leading CRM and communication tools
  • Launched Google Ads and generated the first digital marketing leads for the business
  • Used keyword data to put products into easy-to-understand categories
  • Developed an effective backlink strategy to improve domain authority 
  • Published captivating SEO content to increase conversions and build brand loyalty

The solutions

Glen Allpress, 1800 Salvage’s Senior Digital Advisor and founding partner at EngineRoom, detailed a comprehensive roadmap to grow the business using his considerable business acumen and data-led insights.

We started with the website and brand refresh, launching in 2021. With the website live, we set up our internal systems, Pipedrive and Podium, to ensure leads coming in could be efficiently managed and mapped through our platform. 

The PPC team tested the market with Google Ads through 2021, and with the data we generated, we commenced SEO in April 2022. SEO was always going to be the centrepiece of our longer-term strategy generating substantial growth for the business and improving its authority online.

EngineRoom also onboarded 1800 Salvage staff into our process and systems using a highly collaborative approach and maximising the ROI from our program. 2022 has been a huge success for 1800 Salvage and we are set up for huge wins in 2023.


Our SEO strategy, boosted by the new website and developed with data gleaned from the GoogleAds campaign, laid the groundwork for long-term, sustainable success.

Website design + brand update

EngineRoom built a new website which was launched in 2020 in collaboration with an external branding partner, which included a refresh of the product offering and branding.

Digital Advisory

Founding Partner of EngineRoom and a business owner with extensive digital marketing growth and automotive industry experience, Glen Allpress, manages the 1800 Salvage account.  

The results

SEO now generates over 70% of leads for the business every month, providing a much healthier balance between paid and organic marketing. 1800 Salvage has opened its doors to over 300 new, monthly leads from SEO alone and many more leads from other sources. 

With this number growing monthly and marketing investment remaining on par, their marketing ROI is set for steady and reliable growth.

Revenue growth

1800 Salvage has experienced strong revenue growth over the past 6 months, tracking for an annual gain of over 50% at the time of publishing

Domain Authority improvements

On and off-page SEO strategies contribute to a domain authority improvement — from 9 to 20.

Increased leads per month

The client now fields over 600 leads, up from just 20 per month, and that number continues to grow month on month.

The timeline

Since 2020, 1800 Salvage has taken the brand from a small business leveraging a niche network of opportunities to a brand with a strong digital presence that has a clear roadmap for solid and continual business growth and increased market share in 2023.‍

Jan 2020

1800 Salvage owner Josh Denys engaged EngineRoom in Jan 2020 to unlock digital growth. The business is assigned to Glen Allpress, a Senior Digital Advisor with automotive experience.

Jan 2021

1800 Salvage launches their new rebranded website and sets up Pipedrive + Podium to manage leads and client communication.

Feb 2021

The Google Ads campaign launches and generates the first digital marketing leads for the business.

April 2022

1800 Salvage now has the confidence and infrastructure to commence an SEO and Network Development program.

July 2022

The internal 1800 Salvage content team is onboarded after big, initial SEO gains to accelerate results and drive further growth.

November 2022

After 7 months of SEO, 1800 Salvage’s leads have exploded, revenue records have been hit and the company is set up for further record numbers in 2023.

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