Boosting online bookings by over 1,900%

Ace Karts

Ace Karts

Reigniting the business growth at Ace Karts

Ace Karts, an iconic Melbourne go karting institution, wanted to unlock its digital potential and understand how it could maximise its return on investment. After struggling to see the results they were after from their existing digital marketing, the Ace Karts team reached out to EngineRoom to develop an industry-leading digital strategy that would help cement their position as the premium karting destination in Melbourne.

Over 1,000%

Increase in lead generation


Increase in monthly bookings

766% rise

In SEO sessions
The track at Ace Karts out in Sunshine, Melbourne.

The track at Ace Karts out in Sunshine, Melbourne.


Growth in online bookings

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'The team at EngineRoom have been excellent at providing transparency around our digital program and its performance. They help us understand their services, such as the various aspects of SEO strategy like website redesign and social media marketing, as well as when we can start expecting results and returns on investment.'

Ali Sadiku – Director
Ace Karts

The client

Established in 1994, Ace Karts has a long history as one of Melbourne's favourite entertainment destinations. But after 20 years of success, Ace Karts was in need of a digital partner that could help them accelerate their business growth and commit to their long-term success.

In July 2014, Ali Sadiku, owner of Ace Karts, met with Senior Digital Advisor Glen Allpress to learn more about our capabilities. The meeting revealed that while the business had an exceptional product, its digital strategy and presence didn't align with its offering.

The challenge

Ace Karts wanted to partner with a digital agency that understood their business and could help provide a superior website experience for visitors. They knew that with an improved digital presence and more reliable and in-depth data, they could maximise their return on investment. 

The team at Ace Karts were also keen to implement online booking online using US-based software with limited documentation and an untested API. We helped them build and integrate a custom solution that improve the amount of booking they received significantly.

With an industry-leading digital strategy and a deeper understanding of key competitor performance, EngineRoom helped achieve a better ROI and drive growth for the business.

The strategy

EngineRoom's approach to digital marketing starts with ensuring reliable marketing and customer data, followed by a comprehensive strategy. We then built Ace Karts SEO-focused information architecturefor their new website. Easy navigation and improved search engine visibility increased traffic and ensured longer engagement times.

The launch of the new website’s booking system posed unique challenges. Still, the product and engineering team worked closely with Ace Karts' American developers to ensure a seamless integration process. Through continual communications with Ace Kart’s American developers, and hours of testing and coding, we helped integrate a booking system that improved the website’s UX and increased bookings exponentially.

EngineRoom's team also developed a long-term SEO strategy that reduced Ace Karts' reliance on paid channels, delivering a better return on investment over time. A comprehensive SEO strategy and targeted Google Ads helped improve the website's visibility, drive targeted traffic, and increase conversions. This resulted in higher revenue for the business and established a strong online presence for Ace Karts.

We successfully implemented a digital marketing & technology solution that included:

  • New website architecture redesign
  • Google Ads
  • SEO & SEM programs
  • Tracking lead forms and phone calls
  • Annual business and marketing plan review

The solutions

Ace Karts' success has been driven by our team's expertise and the power of our proprietary EngineRoom platform. By integrating vital business data into this powerful platform, we gained invaluable insights that helped us develop strategies that produced record growth.

Ace Kart’s new website is the heart of our solution, supporting SEO, PPC, email, and social channels. The business can now convert leads, manage bookings, and build a loyal community of fans on the back of a far superior UX design.

Thanks to our Gogole Ads and SEO efforts, Ace Karts now capture leads and generate quality traffic that leads potential customers straight to the track. Since the launch of the new site in mid-2016, we've established an unbeatable presence in search engine results for Ace Karts, and the business has seen a constant stream of new business flooding in.

Website Redesign and development

We developed and launched a new website for Ace Karts in 2016. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing keeps the Ace Karts community connected and in the loop.

Search Engine Marketing

Our in-house SEM experts develop and optimise campaigns to reduce costs while keeping conversions high.

Search Engine Optimisation

Built with a long-term view to growth, SEO helps deliver ROI over time and reduces reliance on paid channels.

The results

EngineRoom launched Ace Karts' new website in mid-2016, achieving an enviable position in search engine results. Our SEO strategy focused on long-term growth, reducing reliance on paid channels and outperforming the competition.

Here are our results.

SEO improvement

From 3,000 to over 26,000 SEO sessions monthly for the business and growing

Customer expansion

Over 1,900% increase in online bookings from 75 to over 1,500 per month

Lead generation growth

Over 1,000% growth in total lead generation

The timeline

The team at Ace Karts knew they needed a digital partner to drive growth and support the business's long-term goals. EngineRoom helped create a seamless user experience that promoted the brand’s unique offering, boosted online visibility and had patrons racing to join in the fun.

July 2015

Ace Karts engages EngineRoom. Initial tracking and data benchmarking are set up.

Jan 2016 

EngineRoom presents the current challenges to Ace Karts around the existing platform, and both parties agree a new website is the right next step.

Jan 2017

The new website is launched with a new, user-friendly online booking system.

Feb 2018

New SEO + Google Ads strategy launches and shortly after Ace increases investment through the SEO program off the back of significant revenue gains.

March 2020

COVID hits businesses, and operations at Ace Karts close for 6 months. After the doors open, Ace Karts see significant gains post-COVID, with market demand higher than ever, and investment grows steadily.

Jan 2023

Ace Karts numbers show annual revenue gains on the previous year of 40%, noting that the previous year was a record for the business. Ace Karts are crushing it!

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