How we generated 1,000% return on investment in digital marketing in a competitive industry

Victorian Dermal Group

Victorian Dermal Group

Our data-driven strategies boost ROI and lower marketing costs

Victorian Dermal Group (VDG) is a boutique skin care clinic specialising in cosmetic treatments. They work independently with the most advanced variety of technology and treatment methods combined with research, experience and knowledge to ensure a unique and realistic outcome when treating skin.

After poor digital marketing performance and tracking from their previous SEO agency, VDG partnered with EngineRoom to gain better insights into their business and set up high-performing campaigns that generated leads and tracked which digital channel they came from.


Return on invesment


Leads increase


Reduction in cost per lead
Team VDG enjoying their refurbished and expanded clinic

Team VDG enjoying their refurbished and expanded clinic


return on investment

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We often get asked how we have grown so quickly. The answer? Investing in the right digital channels at the right time. Digital marketing is our primary lead generation mechanism to grow our business. Rob, our senior digital advisor understands the business, its challenges and its operations. It's a far superior service to your regular digital agency experience.

Goran Gacovski & Derya Koch
Victorian Dermal Group

The client

Victorian Dermal Group partnered with EngineRoom in October 2019.

Victorian Dermal Group knew their reporting was inaccurate and once they integrated with the EngineRoom platform, we discovered that the previously reported 400 leads per month were in fact 20. They felt something was awry when these reported numbers were not correlating to actual business growth or an increase in patient appointments.

Since joining EngineRoom and being integrated with the live portal, we were able to accurately report:

  • How many leads were generated
  • Which channels they came from
  • How many became bookings
  • Which services the patients booked
  • The lifetime value of a new patient

We turned inaccurate reporting into clean data that we use daily to build better digital marketing strategies with rock solid results that matter.

The challenge

VDG was struggling to generate leads and could not tell where their best leads were coming from due to inaccurate reporting and tracking in place. Initial analysis found their data and performance were inaccurate. Contrary to the lead numbers which were being reported patient bookings were not increasing and the business wasn't growing despite investing in digital marketing.

EngineRoom and Victorian Dermal Group agreed that there was a need to better understand how their customers were interacting with the business. The pandemic provided a huge opportunity to gain market share from competitors. 

As other businesses were being cautious and turning away from marketing, we accelerated investment in digital for VDG. Within 2 years, Victorian Dermal Group is now one of the digital market leaders.

The strategy

The first step was to get clean data. We installed tracking throughout their business including form fills, phone calls and SMS to integrate this data into EngineRoom. Our team then rebuilt their website and developed a clear navigation and menu structure optimised to rank for SEO. The website now generates hundreds of new patient leads per month. 

We then drew up a clear SEO strategy to concentrate on which types of patients and bookings they wanted to generate and had the capacity to cater for. Today the clinic generates hundreds of new patient leads per month generated from digital marketing, on top of their existing patients returning and new patient referrals.

We helped differentiate which patients came via digital marketing and which were returning/referrals using: 

  • Integrating business data into the EngineRoom platform
  • Using our platform to generate clean data 
  • Develop a brand new optimised website
  • Targeted skin concern patient bookings via cost-effective Google Ads campaigns
  • Generate consistent organic leads through SEO
  • Provide high-quality tracking of lead forms, phone calls and SMS
  • Advisors use this granular visibility to build better marketing strategies with the live in-market feedback from our platform

The solutions

Victorian Dermal Group was managed by the director and founder of EngineRoom Rob Dalessandro. Rob is a business owner with extensive experience in allied health, cosmetic and health services industries. 

He helped transform VDG, along with many other SMEs, to help them digitally transform and generate high-quality, profitable leads to increase their revenue, profit, and business value exponentially. The EngineRoom platform enables VDG to understand at a click of a button which channels, campaigns, and keywords are generating new patient bookings and sales.

The EngineRoom platform gives the advisor all the information at their fingertips to make decisions on which marketing channels to invest in. This information allows for smart investment and spending substantially less on marketing than competitors who may be guessing which channels are generating new patient bookings.

Google Ads

Target specific technologies and skin concerns to fill gaps in the clinic’s booking calendar and late cancellations.


Through our team's on-page and off-page efforts, SEO remains the number one lead generation channel for VDG.

Website Redesign

A new website was launched in 2020 to pivot the business away from face-to-face appointments and capitalise on ecommerce product sales and online skin consultations. 

The results

EngineRoom helped VDG double their clinic capacity. This has directly resulted into Vic Dermal looking to open up new sites across Melbourne due to their predictable lead generation and customer acquisition strategies. The website generates many of its leads per month off the back of a targeted content strategy, a sustainable and thought leadership approach to the industry.

$10 for every $1 spent

VDG generates approximately $10 for every dollar invested into digital marketing.

644% increase in leads

SEO is now the number one lead generation channel for VDG. It generates 644% more leads for the business than before SEO was used in 2010.

900% reduction in cost per lead

The cost per lead via digital marketing is now 900% cheaper than it was in 2019.

The timeline

Since 2019, we have helped transform Victorian Dermal Group from a business struggling to generate new patients into a multi-clinic business offering in-clinic and ecommerce products and services.

October  2019

Victorian Dermal Group engaged EngineRoom.

April 2020 

The new website goes live and provides immediate uplift in total leads and conversion rates.

June 2020 

Ecommerce and online booking consultation model goes live in light of the pandemic clinic closures.

October 2021

Achieved a record for new leads, as the Victorian market comes out of lockdowns as well as signs of a new clinic expansion due to the lengthy patient waitlist.

May 2022

VDG opens their newly expanded clinic off the back of strong lead generation and long patient waiting lists, the clinic is now double its capacity.

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