Creating 1266% in revenue growth for a business we bought



Buying a business for a digital transformation

Cleanawater developed wastewater solutions - a space where no businesses were making waves online. EngineRoom's directors purchased the business with the aim of accelerating growth and generating leads through digital marketing. The result combined people, technology, and advisory to position Cleanawater as a market leader.


Revenue growth


Equity value increase


Profit increase


revenue growth

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The plan was we wanted to purchase a traditional bricks and mortar business and put our digital strategies into play. We wanted to back ourselves and put our own money on the line to prove just how quickly you can grow a business using a high quality, data driven digital strategy. Cleanawater created our EngineRoom team a blueprint for a successful digital marketing strategy for any business.

Adam Laurie

The client

Cleanawater specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and service of commercial and industrial water treatment and recycling equipment. The business was a small player in the industry that hadn't yet established a digital footing. This lack of premise held plenty of promise.

The challenge

Much of the industry was mired in traditional marketing practices. We wanted to show what SMEs could achieve with digital. We decided to purchase this SME and build it into a successful enterprise with a digital strategy at the core.

The strategy

After purchasing Cleanawater, EngineRoom sought to reverse engineer the business rather than overlaying a digital marketing strategy.

We successfully implemented a People & Technology program that:

  • Integrated business data through the EngineRoom platform
  • Delivered a new, highly optimised website
  • Continuously made new UX and CRO improvements
  • Created an iconic new brand identity
  • Expanded products and service reach through SEO and Gogole Ads
  • Expanded into geographic markets with targeted content
  • Create a greater value proposition through design

The solutions

After identifying business segments and areas of growth, the EngineRoom team developed a marketing strategy to best suit Cleanawater's goals.

Our combined strategy included our core products of website design, SEO and Google Ads, focusing on commerical intent terms to deliver new leads that were actively looking for a water treatment solution.

This strategy positioned Cleanawater as a market leader. The website leads integrated directly into the EngineRoom platform giving the Cleanawater sales team clear visibility over lead numbers, where the leads came from and also the ability to listen to phone calls generated from camapigns.

Cleanawater was the first proof of concept for EngineRoom, and continues to drive strong results to this day.


On-page SEO strategies delivered leads through highly optimised and targeted content.

Website Redesign

A brand new, highly optimised website gave Cleanawater a platform for growth.

Google Ads

Using a product focused campaign structure EngineRoom delviered 1,000s of leads to Cleanawater all over Australia. Including 3 federal departments, over 30 councils and some of Australia's largest mining companies.

The results

EngineRoom brought Cleanawater into the digital age, and saw an unprecendented acceleration of growth. Here’s how it all played out.

1266% revenue growth

We increased Cleanawater's overall revenue by an astounding 1266%.

10 x equity value increase

Upon selling Cleanawater, EngineRoom had increased its equity value 10-fold.

293% average sale increase

Through creation of digital assets such as brochures and 3D drawings.

The timeline

Between buying the business in 2011 and selling it in 2016, Cleanawater had grown exponentially. The results continue today in our ongoing relationship.

April 2011

EngineRoom's directors purchase Cleanawater from original owners.

August 2011

Business and product segments are aligned, while a new website build begins.

May 2013

Cleanawater records a record 821% growth in revenue.

June 2016

The business' growth has accelerated to 1266%.

July 2017

Cleanawater is sold for a 10x increase in equity value.

July 2022

Cleanawater continues to be a market leader in the wasterwater treatment industry.

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