How we unlocked 600% revenue growth through SEO, Google Ads, system integration and business intelligence

The Water People

The Water People

Developing a digital strategy that delivered stronger growth

The Water People were an established family business that needed a digital transformation. After engaging EngineRoom in 2017, they have grown to become a national market leader through a combination of digital marketing execution, competent advisory, and integrated business technology.


Revenue growth


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revenue growth

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The team at EngineRoom are great to work with. They have been nothing short of brilliant with helping us build our online presence. The team are always on hand with excellent, creative ideas and the end results are simply perfect. It has been and will continue to be a great relationship with EngineRoom as we have found a team who understand what we want and deliver it better than we could have expected.

Melissa Croxford
The Water People

The client

As health and wellbeing becomes more important to people as time goes on, so too does the purity of their water. The supply of filtered water solutions to homes and businesses is what the The Water People does best. However, what wasn't nearly as clear was how they were going to succeed in the digital age.

The challenge

The Water People was a family-established business that had been run the same way since the 90s. A change in ownership gave the new owners an opportunity to bring the business forward. When delivered through the correct channels, an improved digital presence would result in an increase in leads, sales, and engagement.

The strategy

After meeting with The Water People our digital advisor roadmapped a path towards stronger revenue and a better return on investment. A balanced mix of integrated technology, organic content, and paid campaigns were to deliver better, more scalable results for the business.

We successfully implemented a digital marketing & technology solution that:

  • Integrated Xero, Salesforce and other technologies through the EngineRoom platform
  • Delivered a new, highly optimised website
  • Launched new marketing campaigns in SEO and Google Ads
  • Measured ROI through Xero and optmised campaigns based on ROI
  • Developed an ongoing CRO program
  • Expanded into geographic markets to continue a steady, long-term growth plan

The solutions

After mapping out a comprehensive digital strategy, our senior digital advisor continued to monitor performance through the EngineRoom platform.

We successfully combined the talent of our people with the integration abilities of EngineRoom, to extract key insigths for the client to use to grow their business.

Now, The Water People are able to make business decisions with confidence through a full integration with Xero, giving a complete picture of digital marketing ROI.


Our SEO specialists were able to identify avenues for growth through quick wins and well optimised long-form content.

Website Redesign

A brand new website allows more scope for SEO strategies, Google Ads campaigns, and CRO developments as time goes on.


Our CRO program identifies areas for small changes that can make a lasting impact to how well The Water People's website coverts.

The results

EngineRoom created a new digital presence for The Water People that delivered oustanding results. Here’s how it all played out.

Revenue growth

We increase the revenue generated by The Water People's marketing efforts 6-fold.

SEO improvement

The success of the SEO program generated an increase in conversions of over 500%.

Customer expansion

Over the course of the program, The Water People gained 6,225 new customers.

The timeline

Since establishing our partnership in 2016, The Water Group continues to be one of our most successful case studies.

July 2016

The Water People engages EngineRoom and strategises with a senior digital advisor.

August 2016

Integration with Xero, Google Analytics, Salseforce and other tech platforms through the EngineRoom platform.

January 2017

Development of new Silverstripe website, SEO program, and Google Ads campaigns.

July 2021

Migration to Webflow CMS and acceleration of Conversion Rate Optimisation program.

December 2021

Expansion into geographical search terms and new brand opened up in Sydney. New development of eCommerce store.

July 2022

The Water People recorded revenue growth in sales with a rise of over over 525% since engagement with EngineRoom.

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