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EngineRoom is a unique SEO agency because we don't make false promises. Instead we focus on tangible output that keeps trend-line data moving in the right direction.

Our SEO services combine market-leading technology with an experienced digital advisor to help grow your business and generate a strong return on your investment.

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Why you need a Melbourne-based SEO agency

It's simple, we know Melbourne. We understand local businesses, small and large and we have dedicated, award winning SEO teams in each major city within Australia. EngineRoom is also listed as a 'SEMrush Accredited SEO Agency'.

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Power your growth through SEO expertise

By partnering with a award winning SEO agency like EngineRoom, you can strategise ways to meet your business goals through SEO. Whether it’s to capture greater market share, spread word of your expertise, sell more from your online business, or get more people in-store, you can do so through quality SEO strategy delivered by our Melbourne SEO experts.

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Data-Driven SEO Agency Melbourne

EngineRoom is a dedicated SEO agency

Powering your business with SEO agency services

On-page SEO

On-page SEO

On-page SEO creates highly authoritative content that is trusted by both search engines and people. Typical on-page strategies include optimising existing content or creating new pages. You’ll outperform all of your competitors in SEO, Melbourne wide.

EngineRoom accurately tracks keyword performance and organic traffic, giving you full transparency over your performing pages.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical-focused SEO is directly related to on-page SEO, but focuses on what’s happening under the hood. Our SEO techs will improve things like page speed, responsiveness, sitemaps, and how you link between pages - improving your position in search results. 

EngineRoom feeds data that indicates the health of a site’s technical SEO. The platform grants our technical experts a full roadmap of actions to take to ensure optimal performance.

Link building

Link building

Offsite SEO creates a network of links from other websites to yours. Search engines like Google perceive links from trustworthy sources as being highly authoritative. It performs the additional benefit of pushing your brand and content into more publications.

EngineRoom compiles link network data from your business and competitors, allowing us to plan effective gap-closing strategies.

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Using SEO to drive better ROI for Melbourne businesses

Digital strategy

Search engine optimisation is one part of the many online marketing service we can offer your business.

Competitive benchmarking

We develop SEO strategies that exceed the efforts of your local Melbourne competitors, ensuring you rank first.

Advisory partnership

Our experienced digital advisors can offer qualified business advice to help you grow in all areas, not just SEO.

Visible attribution

EngineRoom attributes all money spent in SEO towards a business goal, giving you clarity on your ROI.

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Small business in Melbourne? Develop an SEO growth strategy powered by data.

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Business decisions backed by data

It's true, Melbourne is a highly competitive SEO landscape. Almost all agencies claim to be the best so our approach is different, we use accurate KPI tracking and data sources to help you make qualified decisions as a business owner.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Configure and connect your website to collect data that matters most.
Track, record and listen to phone call leads to improve sales performance.
Measure and act on organic search metrics and results to optimise performance.
Google Ads
Google Ads
Understand what keywords and campaigns are driving sales to improve ROI.
Measure and optimise Facebook conversions that result in leads or transactions.
Measure and optimise LinkedIn campaigns and conversions that yield the best results.
Optimise your sales funnel with visibility over lead to sale timeframe, lead value and close rate.
Optimise your sales funnel and understand which leads result in sales.
Connect your sales to understand which channels and campaigns yield the best ROI.
Connect your sales to understand which channels and campaigns yield the best ROI.
Upload your sales to understand which channels and campaigns yield the best ROI.
Reach your customers and request reviews wherever they are with text messaging.
Shopify’s easy-to-use ecommerce platform is one of the world's most popular choices for small businesses.
AroFlo is a workflow software designed to streamline the daily processes of businesses looking to book more jobs.
MoveWare is a complete management and sales solution for the highly specialised moving and storage industry.
WooCommerce creates WordPress-based ecommerce platforms with a massive degree of flexibility and customisation.
SEMrush is the world’s leading online marketing tracking and insights platform.
WebCEO provides specialist SEO and marketing tools, including rank checking and backlink checkers.
HubSpot is a CRM platform that allows greater control and vision over marketing, sales, content, and customer support.

Partner with Melbourne's SEO experts to beat your competition

Growing any business online requires a keen understanding of how to outrank your competitors. If this is a goal for your business, then you need SEO campaigns from a growth-centric digital marketing agency. Our local SEO experts are in your corner to help you achieve first place.

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Frequently asked questions

How can an SEO company help my business?

Search engine optimisation can help your Melbourne business by ensuring that you rank higher than your competitors in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can lead to more organic traffic and stronger leads and sales.

SEO campaigns can help your business:

  1. Be found more easily by consumers searching for terms related to your industry
  2. Create a body of authoritative content that improves trust in your business as a market leader
How does SEO work?

Search engine optimisation works by ensuring that you are more visible in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

By optimising pages for certain keywords, fixing technical page issues, publishing more high quality content, and attracting links to said content, Google will rank you higher than before.

SEO can also be improved by linking to content through social media, press releases, and other types of media.

On the technical side, SEO works through an algorithmic formula inherent to all search engines. SEO strategies appease these algorithms, which leads to higher rankings in key search terms related to goods and services.

What SEO agency services do agencies offer?

An SEO company can offer a range of services to businesses:

  • SEO technical auditing - making improvements to the backend of your website
  • On-page optimisation - adding or editing existing content to help it rank higher
  • Content marketing - expanding your content into key areas can help grow your audience
  • Link building - links from other authoritative websites will help you outperform your competition

At EngineRoom, our SEO company services are only a small part of a greater digital marketing offering. As a client of ours, you will partner with a Digital Advisor first to investigate what avenues will work best for your business and budget.

What are some key SEO mistakes that businesses make?

Businesses undertaking SEO without the help of an SEO agency will often make several key mistakes that can increase marketing spend with little value:

There are several key mistakes that businesses make when undertaking an SEO strategy:

  • Poor optimisation - websites built without an initial SEO strategy might struggle to rank
  • Over optimisation - overly optimised SEO strategies, like keyword stuffing, will have a negative effect
  • Poor quality - to perform in SEO, you need to publish good content frequently
  • No link building - A bad or absent link building strategy can be detrimental to your results
  • Focusing on PPC - Google Ads are most effective when used with SEO and web development

Furthermore, a low quality SEO agency may choose to cast a wider net to improve organic rankings. At EngineRoom, we use integrated data to choose the best keyword groups to optimise and track.

Both our Digital Advisors and SEO specialists understand these common mistakes, and can help you avoid them. Our strategies are always implemented with goal of helping you achieve your objectives while giving you a better return on your investment.

How does data improve SEO?

Creating the best SEO campaign is an exercise in data analysis. Our SEO experts use data from sources like Google Search Console and SEMRush to identify growth strategies for your business, while responding to risks and competitor movements. SEO data can also give you more clarity on the quality of your content, and how people are interacting with it.

How does a business track SEO results?

SEO results can be tracked through a range of tools and metrics provided by SaaS companies, including:

  • Ahrefs
  • MajesticSEO 
  • SEMrush 

These tools give different results for keyword rankings and fluctuations, content performance, and overall site health. To do away with the guesswork, EngineRoom compiles data from the most trusted sources to give a clearer view of SEO results. You can also use the platform to see how your SEO efforts compare to Google Ads, Paid Social, and other digital marketing services.

How much does SEO cost?

The costs of Melbourne SEO are difficult to outline without clarity over:

  • How authoritative your current website is
  • How competitive your industry is
  • How difficult your keywords are to target
  • How quickly you are looking to grow your business

One of the dangers of seeking rough SEO quotes is that agencies like to underquote their prices and suck you in for the long term. Some agencies might even take your initial investment and spend it offshore for a cheaper or lower quality strategy.

EngineRoom engages clients on month-to-month contacts. There’s no need to lock in with any of our services. We guarantee that we will only recommend what we think will give you the best return on your investment.

What’s the difference between SEO and PPC?

Search engine optimisation and Pay-Per-Click advertising are similar but different. Both services use content and keywords to target potential customers. Because PPC charges on cost–per-click basis, it can sometimes be more expensive in the short term.

It’s usually best to have a combination of SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing services in your arsenal.

How do you choose the right keywords for my business?

We find the right keywords by performing keyword research - an exercise where we uncover what audiences are searching for in your industry. We create lists of keywords to target with content from this research. These keywords can be related to your products and services, the location in which you work, or common questions people ask in your industry, to name a few.

You’ll find that some SEO companies in Melbourne phone it in when it comes to keyword research. Not EngineRoom - as part of our engagement with you, we will conduct thorough keyword research to ensure that you can outperform your competitors. This data will then be tracked through EngineRoom, ready for optimisation down the track.

Are you the best SEO agency, Melbourne-wide?

We would never claim to be the best SEO agency in Melbourne. We can, however, claim to generate better ROI than your current marketing efforts. Find out how with a free strategy session with our digital advisors.

SEO services available all over Australia

Local SEO is critical to beating the local competition. To facilitate this EngineRoom offers SEO agency services all over Australia. We work with businesses in all states and territories to help them come first in their region.