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Supa Group Constructions

Supa Group Constructions

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Supa Group Constructions is a home extension builder in Melbourne that consistently came up short on quality leads for renovation projects. They engaged EngineRoom in mid-2019 to reinvigorate their digital marketing strategy. The result is an ongoing success story for all involved.


Revenue growth


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revenue growth

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Supa Group Constructions have been using the services of EngineRoom for several years now. They have assisted us greatly with a clear strategy and systems that bring real and tangible benefits to the company. The strategy is backed up and consolidated with regular meetings that monitor our progress, and rational explanations regarding any recommended changes or enhancements are given. If you want a digital marketing company that excels in transparency and results, I would highly recommend them.

Neil Gardiner
Supa Group

The client

With sprawling urban infrastructure and iconic architecture in every suburban pocket, home extensions and renovations mean big business in Melbourne. Supa Group has been creating dream homes for customers since the 80s, but had yet to find its footing in the digital space.

The challenge

The name of the game for Supa Group is leads. And it’s not just a numbers game. Supa Group needs quality leads. Quality leads translate to better projects, which provide better profit margins for the business. EngineRoom’s challenge was to find quality leads through the most appropriate channels.

The strategy

Upon meeting with Supa Group, our digital advisor identified that a mix of SEO and Google Ads would provide the best return on investment. Supporting this strategy we would need an efficient easy-to-use CRM that would ensure the Supa Group sales team could manage leads and understand the source of those leads.

We successfully implemented a program that:

  • Set clear business targets in EngineRoom
  • Generated high quality leads
  • Tracked and measured the real outcomes in EngineRoom, enabling us to further optimise the campaign and increase ROI
  • Implemented an integrated marketing solution within their CRM giving the customer real-time visibility on lead sources, pipeline, and forecasting of future sales

The solutions

With the support of our technology partners, EngineRoom implemented a Pipedrive CRM allowing the customer to efficiently manage all leads. By integrating all solutions into the EngineRoom platform, the client had a full view of marketing spend and return on investment via all channels.

After identifying the channels that delivered the strongest ROI, the EngineRoom team where able to adjust and optimise campaigns to increase the ROI for the client and reduce marketing spend.

Through the perfect combination of technology and advisory, EngineRoom has enabled Supa Group to drive their business forward using a data driven growth strategy.


Our SEO strategists leveraged niche search terms and produced high-performing content that captured quality leads and doubled the amount.

Website Redesign

Our website design team created a new website solution to balance user experience and SEO performance.

Google Ads

Using Google Ads , the EngineRoom staregy team were quickly able to identify highly profitable terms to ensure maximum ROI and efficent use of marketing budget.

The results

EngineRoom optimised Supa Group’s marketing campaign for better ROI. Here’s how it all played out.

Quality leads

We increased the number of annual projects Supa Group achieved over 50% growth in revenue

Stronger ROI

Supa Group’s return on investment witnessed exponential growth, reaching 4,954%.

Reduced spend

The client cut their reliance on traditional channels, reducing overall spending by 20%.

The timeline

Since establishing our partnership in mid-2018, Supa Group continues to be an EngineRoom success story.

June 2018

Initial strategy session with EngineRoom senior digital advisor.

August 2018

Onboarding of client and clean goal tracking set up for phone calls and web forms. Beginning of marketing audits for SEO and Google Ads.

January 2019

Implemented Pipedrive CRM and integrated with EngineRoom marketing programs, providing client real time insights on lead sources while enabling a clear ROI from all marketing channels.

November 2020

User experience and SEO research begin for a new website project.

July 2021

Business breaks all time revenue record since engagement with EngineRoom.

August 2022

Delivery of brand new, highly optimised website for Supa Group to support further business growth plans.

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