We achieved 400% revenue growth by reinventing the brand through data-driven digital advisory

Bax Clean

Bax Clean

Our data-first approach turned a small company into a state-wide powerhouse — with the revenue to match

Bax Clean is a professional exterior cleaning company based in Melbourne. They specialise in a wide range of specialist cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. Their services include window, solar panel, facade and gutter cleaning, and can be carried out on single-storey homes and highrises alike.

But it wasn’t always that way. Starting out as a window-specific cleaning service, Bax Clean’s Director Simon Baxter wanted to grow — but they wanted to do it right.


New customers


Increase in sales yield


Revenue growth
Unlocking growth potential with a comprehensive data led business strategy

Unlocking growth potential with a comprehensive data led business strategy


revenue growth

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Each year we're able to meticulously plan revenue targets and marketing budgets based on historical data. The MYOB integration has been key to understanding existing customer revenue peaks, and from there we're able to plug in new business targets during softer months. The Bax Clean growth has been driven by Simon's hunger to understand his data and internal capabilities and to set progressive growth strategies, and we're very proud of his success.

Glen Allpress (Senior Digital Advisor)
Bax Clean

The client

At the start of 2016, Simon Baxter ran a small window cleaning enterprise. His handful of staff only offered window cleaning services for residential and commercial sites.

As with all entrepreneurs, the growth of his business was his highest priority. Though he understood the importance of setting a solid foundation for slow and steady growth, his ambitions outweighed his means.

Bax Windows, as it was then known, joined EngineRoom in mid-2016 in search of a digital marketing strategy that could unlock the growth potential Simon knew his business had.

The challenge

Bax Clean did not want quick fixes. They wanted to set the foundations for long-term growth, but recognised that they lacked the strategic digital experience and data to set their wheels in motion.

Our challenge was to improve their business model from the ground up. We needed an end-to-end marketing attribution process to identify which channels generated their leads, how many they brought in, and how well those leads converted. 

EngineRoom’s data-first process, successfully set up, would be the first step in unlocking Bax Clean’s limitless future potential.

The strategy

To achieve the business growth targets, we knew we had to make significant changes to the business. These changes were guided by the market-leading data management and analysis capabilities of the EngineRoom platform. With Simon's strategic thinking and across many annual planning sessions, every year we ticked off various tasks to achieve our growth goals. Website development projects, system integrations, new services released and data lead digital marketing campaigns were all carefully implemented during various stages of business growth

We successfully optimised Bax Clean for future growth by:

  • Delivering a conversion-optimised website
  • Integrating MYOB and other data-gathering tools into the EngineRoom platform
  • Launching ROI-optimised SEO and Google Ads campaigns
  • Developing an ongoing CRO program
  • Expanding the services offered to improve leads and conversions

The solution

First, we needed clean data. The EngineRoom platform can integrate a number of market-leading data collection applications, and we used those tools to gather all tracking, form fill and phone call data Bax Clean received. We also integrated their MYOB data into our platform. We could then synthesise these reams of data into strategic insights.

Data in hand, we recalibrated their Google Ads campaign and decreased their cost-per-lead by 300%. And that was just the first piece of the puzzle..

The most significant change we made was to increase Bax Clean’s service offerings; along with window cleaning, they also clean gutters, roofs, solar panels, exterior settings, building facades and more.

Bax Clean is now a full-service exterior cleaning specialist, serving homes, highrises and businesses across Victoria.

Website Redesign

As Bax Clean’s management invested in the new cleaning services they wanted to offer, we redesigned their website to suit, and increased leads by over 300%.

Google Ads

We created a data-backed Google Ads campaign that reduced their cost per lead yet still brought in high returns to fund future growth initiatives.


Our SEO specialists identified numerous growth opportunities. Our plans included website optimisation and an expansion of the services offered.

The results

Despite justifying every element of our strategy with irrefutable high-quality data, we still asked a lot of Bax Clean. But Simon Baxter trusted our digital advisory. Here’s what that trust won him.

163% sales yield increase

Bax Clean’s sales have dramatically increased through the development of new services and the conversion-focused content to match

Over 300% growth in conversions

The success of the SEO program generated an increase in conversions of over 300%.

Over 400% revenue growth

The combined efforts of our advisory, creative and engineering teams dramatically improved Bax Clean’s bottom line.

The timeline

Since the beginning of our partnership in 2016, Bax Clean has achieved extraordinary business growth that points towards a bright future for the company.

July 2016

Bax Windows engages EngineRoom and is partnered with senior digital advisor Glen Allpress.

August 2016

EngineRoom integrates with Bax Clean’s accounting software to identify its revenue sources. We set up conversion tracking, MYOB integration and defined benchmark numbers.

Our ROI-optimised Google Ads campaign launches.

July 2018 

Bax Windows breaks its revenue record.

We begin discussions around a rebrand.

July 2019

The new Bax Clean website is launched with new services and a new SEO program. Bax Clean is migrated to Hubspot and AroFlo improving customer automation and lead management.

November 2021

Bax Clean breaks its leads-generated record. Through EngineRoom’s SEO campaign, they achieve over 300% conversion growth.

July 2022

Google rewards Bax Clean with page 1 ranking for over 1,300 keywords. Before partnering with EngineRoom, they ranked for a mere 62.

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