We earned 250+ leads per month for $98,000 less per year than their last agency. Here’s how.



Through record-breaking lead generation, we turned a sceptical client into a digital advisory disciple

Policrete is one of the few full-service concrete specialists in Australia. They specialise in installing, maintaining and repairing concrete floors of all types and finishes, and service a range of industries, including supermarkets, medical facilities and residential homes.

Wary of the "guarantees" that other SEO agencies made, Policrete were cautious about EngineRoom’s abilities. But our experience, attribution visibility and long-term growth planning quickly won them over.


Reduction in annual digital marketing costs (Over $98,000)


Non branded leads per month generated


Decrease in Google Ads cost per lead
Policrete have a large fleet of project vehicles, trucks, plant and equipment

Policrete have a large fleet of project vehicles, trucks, plant and equipment


saving in annual marketing with EngineRoom

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“In the past, agencies had never really understood our business and didn't deliver on all the hype. Rob and the team have transformed what I thought digital could deliver to grow my business. EngineRoom worked with me to identify which types of digital campaigns we needed to hit our goals. It's refreshing to know that we have a lead-generation plan and clear KPIs for it. EngineRoom's approach to digital marketing is one that I always hoped was out there but was never able to find.”

Marcos Shaw

The client

Policrete knew they provided a high-quality service but were not seeing the sales they needed to meet their growth goals. So, they employed a dedicated business development manager to acquire commercial customers. Results came, though slowly and at an exorbitant cost. 

Policrete partnered with EngineRoom in 2019. After our initial consultation, we compared the projected ROI of our digital advisory services against the returns of their BDM.

The results were clear, and in October of that same year, Policrete officially tapped EngineRoom as their digital advisory agency.

The challenge

Policrete came to us with three clear challenges: generate more leads, convert those leads into sales, and do it cost-efficiently. 

We knew they were still on alert after how their marketing budget had been utilised in the past. We knew we could provide them with a better understanding of their sales funnel. Our transparent process made clear which digital channels generated leads best, and the ROI their investment netted.

The strategy

Every EngineRoom strategy is built on varied and reliable marketing and customer data — which Policrete did not have. Our first task was to develop a clean data tracking process that collated form fills, phone calls, SMS and digital channel data. All this data was integrated into the EngineRoom platform, giving us a bird’s-eye view of their customer funnel.

We decided to tackle that issue first because of their unreasonable Google Ads spend. We decreased their cost-per-lead by 300% within the first month. We invested a portion of those savings into search engine optimisation for the website, improving its user experience.

As their leads increased, we stepped up our work and designed an entirely new conversion-focused website for Policrete. With all the pieces in place, we were confident that our data-backed strategy would soon meet and exceed the goals Policrete had set for us.

Our key strategic improvements included:

  • A conversion-optimised website
  • An ROI-optimised Google Ads and SEO campaign
  • An ongoing CRO program

The solutions

We made significant optimisations to Policrete’s business intelligence network.

By integrating Policrete’s Xero data into the EngineRoom platform, we were able to analyse all of their sales data, attributed from their digital marketing plan, referrals, and existing and new customers. We synthesised new ROI insights that helped us develop new campaigns for long-term growth.

We also integrated Pipedrive into our new Policrete website. Live phone calls, SMS and email data were all channelled through Pipedrive, allowing us to monitor the entire lead-to-sale funnel. Now, 70% of leads are generated through phone calls.

All of this progress was enabled by the leadership of senior digital advisor Rob Dalessandro, who is also a director and founder at EngineRoom. With extensive experience in manufacturing, engineering, trade and construction industries, Rob knows precisely how to drive industry-specific digital transformations that increase revenue, profit and ROI.


SEO commenced immediately, becoming the primary driver for sustainable long-term lead generation at 1/10th the cost-per-lead of Google Ads.

Google Ads

We used Google Ads to supplement the leads generated each month, ensuring that strategic goals were always met with maximum ROI.

Website Redesign

We launched Policrete’s brand new website in 2021.

The results

EngineRoom’s digital marketing strategy saves Policrete $98,000 per year, compared to their original strategy. We’ve accomplished this by investing their budget in high-ROI digital channels and generating a record amount of new leads.

460% reduction in Google Ads cost per lead

We drove down their cost-per-lead by 460%, when they once invested 6-figure sums yearly into Google Ads enabling Policrete to reinvest those savings into other areas of their business.

387% SEO lead increase

Our new SEO campaign generated 387% more leads than Policrete’s pre-EngineRoom SEO and Google Ads campaigns combined.

400% conversion rate improvement

Our optimised website demonstrates Policrete’s value, not just their price point. A better website user experience, improved the website conversion rate and attracts the high-value projects Policrete had always wanted.

The timeline

Since partnering with EngineRoom in late 2019, Policrete has seen exponential year-on-year growth. They are now firm advocates for the efficacy of data-led digital marketing.

October 2019

Policrete engages EngineRoom. We integrate Xero and identify Policrete’s revenue sources. A conversion tracking process is implemented, and benchmark numbers are established.

March 2020

High-opportunity pages on the original website are redesigned to increase conversion rates. An SEO audit improves the website’s speed, UX and other key metrics.

July 2021

New pages are added to the original website, enabling Policrete to target specific commercial, industrial and residential projects.

December 2021

EngineRoom launches a brand new Policrete website, which includes all of the amendments made to the original website, as well as new conversion-focused features and content.

February 2022

Seeing strong lead-generation results from our SEO campaign, we were able to substantially decrease Policrete’s Google Ads budget.

April 2022 

EngineRoom’s data-backed SEO campaign sets a record for leads generated since our original engagement with Policrete — and all for $98,000 less than their previous strategy cost.

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