Here's how we grew Trav’s Trees’ revenue by over 150% per annum

Trav's Trees

Trav's Trees

We tailored a digital strategy that made our client the market leader online

Trav’s Trees are an arborist business that helps people maintain the health and safety of their trees in urban areas. They specialise in pruning big to small trees and removing dead, dangerous or unwanted trees.

After failed attempts with other agencies, Trav’s Trees partnered with EngineRoom and immediately saw an increase in lead generation and revenue.


SEO conversion growth


New accounts


Increase in revenue
EngineRoom showed Trav's Trees that reaching your potential all starts with partnering with the right digital agency.

EngineRoom showed Trav's Trees that reaching your potential all starts with partnering with the right digital agency.


SEO conversion growth

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“EngineRoom took over our digital marketing in 2019, Glen and the team have grown the number of leads we get year on year, we would never have had the growth we have had in our business without them.They have created a great website that is continually expanding our market share and lead generation. Each month we meet to go over the past month's results which helps us understand what’s happened and where we are heading in the future. I could not recommend the team at EngineRoom highly enough."

Travis Garden (Director)
Trav's Trees

The client

Trav's Trees came to EngineRoom in April 2019, their business was steady but growth had stalled. They were looking to take their business to the next level but had no idea how to grow leads or use digital marketing strategies. Their website was also underutilised. 

The previous agency working with Trav's Tress was handling their website, GoogleAds and SEO. However, there was no business intelligence, marketing strategy, no clean data to assist with decision-making and no performance was being tracked.

The challenge

Trav's Trees wanted to grow their business using the power of digital solutions. In particular, they had three core growth objectives: more leads in their local area, harness digital marketing to grow their business and better understand their competition. Ultimately, Trav's Trees wanted to know how they could grow their business with a digital first startegy.

The strategy

Our first goal was to get clean data for Trav's Trees. We installed tracking for all of their lead forms and phone calls. We also integrated Xero into EngineRoom to get visibility over sales revenue from existing and new customers to understand how Trav’s Trees was generating their current revenue.

We then executed a short-term and long-term strategy for Trav's Trees. Google Ads was used to generate quick leads while we worked to a create a brand new website in the background, which was launched in January 2020.

We successfully implemented a digital marketing & technology solution that included:

  • Xero integration
  • New website 
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Tracking lead forms and phone calls
  • Annual business and marketing plan
  • Migration from Tradify to Aroflo

The solutions

EngineRoom overhauled Trav's Tress’ digital strategy and marketing planning. We integrated with Trav's Trees Xero to ensure we had an understanding of existing customer revenue versus new customer revenue, allowing us to give the confidence to build the right growth plan. 

Integrating with Xero also allowed EngineRoom to identify which campaigns and pages had the best ROI, giving us the right data to build a long-term growth plan. We also supported a new CRM through our partnership with AroFlo, an industry-leading trades project management solution. This allowed for seamless integration with EngineRoom and tracking all website leads, giving Trav’s Trees operational efficiencies and further intelligence on their lead sources, 

Trav's Trees account was managed by Glen Allpress senior digital advisor, and as a fellow Kiwi, the combination was a great fit! Glen’s advisory services gave Trav’s Trees the right solutions and product mix throughout the journey to ensure sustainable business growth, with maximum ROI.

Google Ads

Google Ads was used during the site build to keep leads coming in, then was not needed as SEO grew by over 500%.

Website Redesign

A brand new website launched in 2020.


SEO commenced after the website was built along with an aggressive link-building campaign.

The results

Through seamless integration, intelligent business insights and clean data EngineRoom was able to create a brand new website that harnessed data-driven marketing campaigns to generate better ROI and more leads. These are our results.

SEO improvement

Through on-page and off-page SEO strategies, we saw SEO conversions up 500%.

Customer expansion

Seamlessly integrating Xero and AroFlo into EngineRoom allowed us to convert and attribute over 3,500 new accounts.

Revenue growth

The efforts from multiple teams at EngineRoom meant Trav's Trees saw their revenue increase by over 150%.

The timeline

After working with previous agencies, Trav's Trees partnered with us in 2019. Since then, we have helped Trav's Trees grow year over year.

April 2019

Trav's Trees engages EngineRoom.

May 2019

EngineRoom integrates with Xero and identifies Trav's Trees' revenue sources. Conversion tracking is set up and benchmark numbers established. Google Ads campaign begins.

January 2020

The new website is launched, the SEO campaign begins and AroFlo system is set up.

November 2020

SEO leads grew to over 500 per month resulting in the pause of Google Ads and a significant rise in ROI.

July 2022

Trav's Trees sets all-time net profit and revenue records and begins plans for the next growth phase.

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