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Blossom Costumes

Blossom Costumes

Leveraging EngineRoom insights to accelerate growth

Blossom Costumes was originally a small business selling accessories (Blossom Accessories) and dresses online. After engaging EngineRoom in 2014, we developed a data-led digital strategy that included a combination of a company rebrand, website update/migration and search engine optimisation. With a captivating content strategy and a strategic back-linking program, we have delivered record-breaking annual revenue gains for the business over the last 7 years.


Revenue growth


Increase in keywords


Domain authority
The Blossom Costumes story is one of our favourites

The Blossom Costumes story is one of our favourites


revenue growth

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Since 2014 I have been working with Blossom Costumes, and each year we continue to achieve the annual targets that we carefully plan inside EngineRoom. Our strategies are very unique and tailored to our client's needs and internal resource capability. It has been a very rewarding partnership and something I look forward to continuing in the future.

Glen Allpress (Senior Digital Advisor)
Blossom Costumes

The client

Blossom Accessories joined EngineRoom in July 2014 as a small online business selling dresses and a range of accessories. Initial investigation of the client’s data uncovered a strong demand for ‘Flapper 1920s’ and other dress-up-related terms. Over the next 12 months, we saw a clear growth opportunity within the costume and fancy dress market, so we advised a rebrand to Blossom Costumes.

The challenge

Blossom Costumes’ target was to be 1 of the 3 market leaders. The client provided a list of the top 10 competitors, and our target was to move Blossom Costumes into the top 3. In addition to profitable revenue, growth was the focus. With annual planning sessions, we set clear revenue growth targets for continual business growth.

The strategy

After meeting with Blossom Costumes, the senior digital advisor (Glen Allpress), together with the wider EngineRoom team, supported the client with design work and rebranding. We worked with their Magento partners to migrate the site from an old eCommerce solution, following the latest SEO best practices.

We successfully implemented a digital marketing & technology solution that:

  • Installed tracking and obtained benchmark statistics to begin our work with clean data.
  • Reversed engineered the competition, allowing us to better understand the opportunities available.
  • Used keyword data to group their products into clear categories and subcategories. Then we went to town publishing engaging SEO content. 
  • Helped redesign the brand and website visuals in readiness for their Magento Migration.
  • Successfully completed their detailed SEO migration project.
  • Leveraged an aggressive link-building program to increase the client's Domain Authority from below 10 to over 50!

The solutions

Glen Allpress, Blossom Costumes' digital advisor, continued to monitor Blossom Costumes’ performance through the EngineRoom platform, analysing all aspects of the campaign and adjusting it as needed.

The project's success lies in the abilities of our talented team combined with the integration capabilities of the EngineRoom platform. This allowed our team to implement data-driven SEO strategies which have organically grown Blossom Costume’s presence in search engines.

As part of our SEO initiative, our team completed end-to-end research allowing us to significantly increase keyword breadth. We also created new content and increased Blossom Costume’s authority through a high-quality link building program and commercial partnerships with authoritative businesses within our industry.

Our team was able to monitor and steer the success of Blossom’s campaign through our competitor intelligence and keyword monitoring tools inside the EngineRoom platform. Per our signature style, we combined the best of technology and human capabilities to drive exponential business growth. 

Blossom Costumes are on track to meet significant business goals year after year with our sustainable digital marketing strategies that give them an edge in this competitive marketplace.

Website Design/ Brand Update

A new website was launched in 2015, with future iterations and a refresh of the theme and brand.


Glen Allpress, Founding Partner of EngineRoom and a business owner with an extensive experience in digital marketing growth strategies, manages the Blossom Costumes account.


SEO commences Day 1 of engagement to start developing the building blocks of sustainable digital marketing success that will drive significant growth.

The results

EngineRoom helped migrate the newly rebranded Blossom Costume website, delivering incredible results on the back of on and off-page SEO and a vastly healthier Domain Authority. Dressed for success, here’s how it played out for Blossom Costumes.

Revenue growth

We increased the annual revenue generated by Blossom Costumes' by over 1,110%

Conversion improvements

Through the team's site migration, rebranding and SEO efforts, we took eCommerce conversions rates from below 2% to a peak of 5%.

Increased keyword rankings

A better understanding of the customer and competitive landscape helped increase keyword breadth from 2,000 to over 100,000 for better online visibility.

The timeline

Since 2014, Blossom Costumes has continued its stratospheric rise in the costume and fancy dress market, and our continued partnership has set the stage for future growth. 

July 2014

Blossom Costumes (Formerly Blossom Accessories) engaged EngineRoom.

Jan 2015

EngineRoom manages and supports a rebrand and site migration over to Magento. SEO program commences.

Jan 2017

Blossom Costumes secure a premium partnership as a costume supplier for a major Australian events company.

Jan 2020

Pre-covid. Establish a website keyword index for over 100,000 keywords for the first time. Prior to the partnership with EngineRoom, the initial website keyword index was just under 2,000 keywords.

March 2020 

Covid hits. The business goes into a reduced marketing program But maintains investment to future-proof the business in readiness for the post-Covid bounce back.

October 2022 

Blossom Costumes breaks its all-time monthly revenue record off the back of continued investment during the pandemic’s height.

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