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Sheen Group

Sheen Group

Leveraging valuable EngineRoom insights to accelerate growth in the digital landscape

The Sheen Group is a family-owned business and one of Victoria’s leading panel-beating franchise networks. Launching in 1969, they continued to grow on the back of their exceptional repair services, investments in technology and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Sheen wanted to unlock digital and understand how they could maximise their return on investment. Coming from traditional advertising methods such as radio, and print, Sheen wanted to learn how they could use digital more strategically to grow their lead generation. 

After searching for a digital partner, Sheen was referred to the team at EngineRoom.


New website pages


Increase in SEO leads


Increase in keyword breadth
1500% increase in SEO leads

1500% increase in SEO leads


Increase in SEO leads

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EngineRoom 'has taught us a significant amount over the past few years, particularly SEO, display marketing, and digital assets' importance. They don’t simply tell us what we need – they help us understand their recommendations and what we're paying for. This means we're making better decisions aligned with our market and industry.

James Black - Marketing Manager
Sheen Group

The client

Sheen Panel Service has served Melbourne drivers since 1969, growing to 26 individual franchises and earning a reputation for high-quality, reliable service. To remain the number one choice for Melbourne's quality smash repairs, Sheen Group recognised the need to reach and serve their customers in the digital space.

The challenge

Our challenge was to build the brand's online visibility across a range of product segments and locations with a new website that could compete against established competitors and large insurance companies.

The immediate goals of the website were to increase customer conversion rates while using SEO fundamentals to build a solid base for organic search growth. Sheen also sought to increase lead generation and brand awareness through their new marketing strategy.

The strategy

We started with the website and brand refresh launching this in 2014. With the website live, we set up our internal systems, Pipedrive and Podium, to ensure when the leads came in, we could efficiently manage them through our process. 

Using Google Ads keyword data, we extensively grew Sheen's SEO and built over 400 new pages covering high-intent terms that would significantly increase SEO leads.

EngineRoom successfully developed and implemented a digital marketing & technology solution that:

✓ Helped the team optimise site structure and develop new content and functionality – such as the highly successful 'Upload Your Smash' feature and careers pages. 

✓ Generates new leads, assists the Group's franchisees and delivers ROI across the business.

✓ Targeted Sheen's ideal demographic at critical conversion moments.

✓ Used keyword research to uncover over 7,000 new keywords and built over 400 new pages, boosting Domain Authority and SEO leads. 

✓ Helped refresh the brand and website visuals and integrated tracking to provide accurate, real-time conversion and performance metrics.

✓ Leveraged PPC search marketing to boost brand visibility in Google search results and drive growth in various business segments, from smash repairs to towing. 

✓ Sought small improvements through CRO services to improve ROI

The solutions

Glen Allpress, the Sheen Group’s dedicated senior digital advisor, has worked with the Sheen Group from day one. With in-depth experience in the motor repairs industry and wide-ranging business acumen, he was a natural choice to lead Sheen’s transformative digital strategy journey.

The Sheen Group's success is a result of the expert abilities of our team and the powerful integration capabilities of the EngineRoom platform. This combination has allowed us to implement data-driven digital marketing strategies that have organically grown the Sheen Group's presence in search engines.

Our team completed comprehensive research to increase keyword breadth, created new content and increased the Sheen Group's authority through a high-quality link-building program.

Our platform's competitor intelligence and keyword monitoring tools enable us to monitor and optimise the Sheen Group's campaign against the performance of leading competitors in the industry. 

With our sustainable digital marketing strategies, the Sheen Group is on track to achieve significant business goals and maintain a competitive edge in the market.


An SEO program was developed based on extensive keyword and competitor research.

Website Refresh

We designed a website refresh and integrated the site with Pipedrive and Podium to better manage lead generation.


Sheen Group is partnered with Glen Allpress, a Founding Partner of EngineRoom with extensive experience in digital marketing growth strategies.

Google Ads

A conversion lead Google Ads program aligned to our core business segments and locations, allowed us to generate local relevant leads for our locations

The results

EngineRoom has helped Sheen Group experience record lead generation of over 10x the volume experienced since engaging EngineRoom in 2014. We’ve delivered incredible results on the back of on-page, and off-page SEO and exponentially boosted their Domain Authority (DA).

Thanks to their regular pitstops with EngineRoom, the Sheen Group is revving for its best year yet. 

Here’s how they became a front-runner in their industry:

Lead generation

We increased lead generation from 70 to over 1,000 SEO leads per month for the business, and it’s still growing.

Conversion improvements

Through the team CRO services, we improved the click-through rate three times above average and increased paid traffic by 100%.

Increase in keyword breadth

Improving understanding of Sheen’s customer and competitive landscape helped increase keyword breadth from 150 to over 8,000 keywords ranked on Google.

The timeline

Since 2014, the Sheen Group has grown, both in online performance and the number of bricks and mortar franchise workshops. Their encouraging growth shows no sign of slowing in 2023. By leveraging the skills of our dedicated team and the powerful insights provided by our proprietary platform, EngineRoom, the Sheen Group has expanded its franchise network to over 25 panel beaters and workshops in Victoria. 

EngineRoom continues this winning partnership in 2023 with plans for further expansion.

July 2014

Sheen Group contact EngineRoom to discuss digital marketing. The following month Data Tracking, Google Ads and SEO campaigns begin, and the initial data is gathered.

Jan 2015

The Sheen Group’s newly refreshed website is launched.

July 2016

SEO spikes to 4 times the original volume and a more aggressive program is engaged.

July 2017

Pipedrive is set up to manage a significant increase in lead generation.

July 2019

The Sheen Group has grown to 26 stores across Victoria.

Mar 2022 

Sheen Group experiences record lead generation of over 10x the volume since engaging EngineRoom in 2023.

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