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Transforming an iconic Australian radiator repair business with valuable insights from the EngineRoom platform

Natrad has been proudly servicing Australians since 1922, making them one of the oldest radiator repair and parts providers in the market. Known for their large network of top-quality workshops across the country, they provide expert radiator repairs, replacement parts or regular check-ups for various vehicles, from cars to trucks, 4WDs and heavy equipment. 

Natrad approached EngineRoom in July 2018 after experiencing poor service from a number of other agencies. They endured multiple account managers and poor results, but the last straw was a wholly disappointing process involving a website rebuild project. 


Growth in lead generation


Improved website technical score


Increase in keyword breadth
1,000% growth in total lead generation

1,000% growth in total lead generation


growth in lead generation

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"Can’t say enough about how Glen and the team have helped us over the last 5 years. Best move Natrad made when appointing them to manage our account in early 2017. Glen, Adam and the team have helped take Natrad to the next level and continue to help to make sure we are leading the digital space in our market."

Roy Laptedota

The client

Natrad wanted to unlock the power of digital marketing services and understand how they could maximise their return on investment (ROI). Coming from traditional advertising methods such as TV, radio and printed magazines, Natrad struggled to find the right digital marketing partner. 

Without an agency partner that understood their business and customers, they had never unlocked the right digital strategy that would transform their business for the digital age. After an illuminating presentation on behalf of the EngineRoom team, Glen Allpress was appointed senior digital advisor to Natrad.

Natrad joined EngineRoom in 2018. 

The challenge

Natrad was determined to amplify its brand online presence and challenge long-standing competitors in the radiator replacement and repairs industry. By implementing SEO fundamentals into their website, Natrad hoped to increase organic search growth while improving customer conversion rates, ROI and lead generation through an innovative and comprehensive digital marketing strategy. 

After disappointing initial results from their investment with other agencies, the accurate, real-time reporting abilities provided by the EngineRoom platform gave Natrad the clarity they needed to make confident digital investment decisions.

The strategy

We started with a website restructure and relaunched an SEO-focused information architecture. Legacy areas holding back improvements in site performance and affecting user experience were then removed. Following in-depth competitor benchmarking, we also developed a data-led content strategy featuring SEO copy that utilised a wide range of new keyword search terms. 

We leveraged PPC and Google Ads keyword data to extend Natrad’s SEO. Following this, we commenced content-based information topics to build out the keyword breadth and support Natrad’s key business segments.

We successfully developed a digital marketing & technology solution that:

✓ Removed legacy areas of the existing Natrad website that were holding the business back from meeting its growth objectives

✓ Restructured the site with an SEO focused structure, which helped improve its discoverability on Google’s search engine and ensure good user engagement.

✓ Targeted Natrad's ideal demographic with content that potential new customers would be looking for.

✓ Grew Natrad’s SEO with new pages of content covering high-intent terms that would significantly increase profitable SEO leads.

✓ Used keyword research to uncover over 4,840 new keywords and built over 300 new pages

✓ Grew the business’s sessions from 2,000 to over 45,000 SEO sessions per month 

✓ Leveraged PPC search marketing services to boost Natrad’s digital presence in SERPs and drive growth across all business segments, from repairs to replacement. 

✓ Increased Natrad’s website technical score from 60% to 95%.

The solutions

Glen Allpress, a highly experienced, results-driven advisor, is appointed to lead Natrad’s brand transformation. After disappointing results from other agencies, the brand established Google Ads, SEO, and data tracking to gain insights into competitors and customer behaviour and saw an immediate impact from its digital marketing efforts. 

Their website was restructured to remove unsupported legacy areas and implement an SEO-focused information architecture to improve user experience and online visibility. 

Winning strategies developed by Glen Allpress and the team, combined with the powerful integration capabilities of the EngineRoom platform, helped us create, implement, track and continue to optimise the brand's data-driven digital marketing strategies. In-depth research, new SEO content creation, and a top-notch link-building program increase the brand's keyword breadth. 

Using competitive intelligence and keyword monitoring tools, Natrad is strategically advancing in its industry while monitoring campaign performance against top competitors for further growth opportunities. 


We extensively grew Natrad’s SEO using Google Ads keyword data and built over 300 new pages of content to increase SEO leads significantly.

Website Refresh

We redesigned Natrad’s site architecture with a focus on SEO and removed legacy areas that were stilting growth opportunities.


Natrad is partnered with EngineRoom Founding Partner Glen Allpress, a senior digital advisor with extensive experience implementing successful digital marketing growth strategies.

The results

EngineRoom's on-page and off-page SEO efforts have helped Natrad achieve record website sessions and lead volumes since 2018. Thanks to their ongoing investment in digital marketing and advisory services, Natrad looks poised to impact the market further. 

Here’s how a move away from traditional marketing methods helped bolster Natrad’s digital lead generation and online presence. 

 Lead generation growth

Over 1,000% growth in total lead generation and that number continues to grow.

Technical improvements

EngineRoom increased Natrad’s SEMRush website technical score from 60% to 95%.

Increase in keyword breadth

EngineRoom helped increase the number of keywords ranked on Google from 660 to over 5,500.

The timeline

The team at Natrad were hungry for results. By leveraging our team's specialised talents and powerful insights delivered through our proprietary platform, Natrad has found a digital partner who fully understands their needs. We’ve helped improve their website's user experience and boost its visibility on search engines to smash previous sessions and lead records.

July 2017

Natrad contacts EngineRoom to discuss digital marketing and lead generation.

August 2018

Data tracking, Google Ads and SEO campaigns begin the initial data-gathering process.

Jan 2019

A new website restructure is launched.

Feb 2019

Early SEO gains are achieved by restructuring the website with an improved architecture. These wins are presented to the Natrad team.

July 2019

Natrad increases investment through the internal content resources to support the SEO program off the back of strong results in year 1.

July 2022

Natrad keyword rankings pass 5,000 keywords from an initial volume of 2,000. Natrad achieves record sessions and leads volumes to the website.

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